Do I need a Gaming Laptop for my Gaming Needs

Computer gamers today started off gaming without many of the standard functions most gaming laptop or computer has. Many had to game on old, slow computers which would lag for having more than one application open, and these computers would often crash when trying to play a resource-intensive game. But these days have gone, technology has advanced and in recent years, gaming laptops have also become mainstream with gamers and non-gamers alike.

Gaming laptops are the hail Mary for computer lovers, they offer and accompany special features that surpass the older models’ capabilities. For serious computer gamers out there, gaming laptops are the way to go.

In this article, I will go over four key features alongside some additional features that make gaming laptops much more suitable for computer gamers as opposed to a standard computer. Here are the pointers:

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Do I need a Gaming Laptop for my Gaming Needs

Features of Gaming Laptops

1. Speed

One of the most astounding and noticeable things about gaming laptops is their speed. This is due to the huge amount of RAM – (random access memory) that they come with. A massive concern many gamers had when using standard computers for games was the speed. The previous models often couldn’t handle the complexity and demand that games had and this would cause major lag, therefore ruining the gamer’s experience. This has been completely handled with the new models out today.

2. Memory

There’s nothing more annoying for a gamer when he/she has to delete an application or previous download just to be able to make a new download. The thing is, this is a common occurrence for those who aren’t using a gaming laptop. There’s a very low chance of this being an issue on a gaming laptop as they come equipped with huge memory storage, this furthermore allowing for more downloads.

3. Cooling systems

We’ve all been there when we’ve been on an electronic device for far too long and that bad boy begins to overheat. Luckily for gamers, gaming laptops come equipped with installed fans. These typically turn on automatically when the laptop reaches a certain temperature. This allows the gamer to play for a much longer period of time before having to turn off his/her device to avoid overheating.

4. Longer lasting

The sad reality of any electrical device is that it has an expiration date. At some point, your device will go faulty or will simply stop working. For gaming laptops, this may be a very long time, which you can be glad for. Yes, you read that right. This is due to many features such as – memory, speed and easily up-gradable features as opposed to a standard PC.

Additional features

The graphics: All gaming laptops accompany high-end graphics designed for astonishing in-depth gameplay. Now while all gaming laptops graphics may vary, you can rest assured they all provide stunning graphics which will have you feeling like the game is real life.

Customizable keyboard lighting: Pretty much every gaming laptop on the market right now include a light-up keyboard. This not only comes in handy for playing in the dark but offers a stylish and elegant looking device. For some gaming laptops, you can customise the colours that are present on the keyboard.

Interchangeable gaming mice: Now obviously this feature isn’t directly a laptop feature, but it certainly relates. Gaming companies didn’t just create astounding laptops, but they also created astounding mice. For some gaming mice, they can look just as technical as the laptop.

There is a wide array of gaming mice on the market today each with a different build, lighting system, feel and more. Most gaming mice come with in-game control features, meaning you can perform certain actions in-game that a standard mouse couldn’t do. The great thing about this is that there are tons of different mice to choose from. As mentioned earlier, they each offer a unique feel to them which furthermore allows every gamer to have a slightly unique experience that suits them.

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