4 Reasons You Should Start Assembling your own Gaming PC Set

Are you one of those people who buys completely assembled computer stations to feed your gaming mania? If so, you should seriously think about starting to assemble your own custom computer sets, all the way from the monitor and CPU down to the mouse, and even computer chairs!

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There are a lot of reasons why you should swear away buying compiled computer sets from retailers. After you go through this list, you might be persuaded to spend the extra time researching and assembling and get yourself a custom set.

Assembling your own Gaming PC

Why You Should Start Assembling your own Gaming PC Set?

Reason #1: Better for Cheaper

Computer set retailers charge an incredibly high price for selling complete computer sets that have “gaming” capacity. This usually just means they’ve slapped on a graphic card into the CPU and styled the exteriors, however for that little change they charge a premium. You’re being straight up ripped off! If you assemble your own computer sets, you’re paying the cheapest price possible for the same individual parts. You can get a better performing computer for half the price!

Reason #2: Highly Specialized and Specific

If you assemble your own computer set, you know which areas to focus on which areas to ignore. Think of your own needs. What kind of a monitor do you need? What kind of a speaker do you need? What specifications do you want the CPU to have? What’s your main purpose of using the computer. Once you answer these questions, you’ll be able to compile a set that’s perfectly suited to address your individual needs.

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Reason #3: Ideal Warranties

This is one of the biggest advantages of assembling your own computer sets. If you buy a complete set from retailers the entire set will be treated as a single device, and as such you’ll only be able to use the warranty card for the set once. This means that even if your computer chair gets damaged, you’ll exhaust your entire warranty on it and you won’t be able to use it next time your monitor or keyboard malfunctions. Furthermore, retailers will only offer you a one-year warranty. However, if you’re bought all the different parts separately, you can have them all insured by the warranty, and that too for a period of 2-3 years!

Reason #4: Know your Machines

The research you’ll put into assembling your computer will teach you a lot about it. That information always comes in handy, and it will give you some serious street creds with your friends, to whom you’ll be able to boast about having assembled the computer all on your own.

So now that you’re convinced that you should assemble your own computer, you should go through this Infographic on All you Need for your PC Games.

Designed by Gaming Chair Insider, this infographic is a extremely self explanatory. It tells you all about the different hardware you need to assemble your computer set, in addition to your budgetary needs.

4 Reasons You Should Start Assembling your own Gaming PC Se

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