Applications of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence or AI for short has become a part of our daily routine and we don’t even remember the day it happened. Technology has come so far that everything has become so convenient to us. And all this is because of artificial intelligence. There are Universal IPL Machines that even alter the way you look, by removing unwanted hair and skin marks and even scars. Having a computer take care of your health was an idea that sounded bizarre and unbelievable a few decades back, but now, here we are, feeding all our data into a computer so it can tell us whenever there’s something wrong with our body. You could be the one rooting for technology or against it, but either way, here are some applications of artificial intelligence that is absolutely required in our day to day lives.

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Ever since the increasing crime rates hit all over the world, security has been one of the major factors when it comes to moving into a new house. Nowadays, most security systems are AI controlled so that there’s absolutely zero chance of a stranger entering your house without being invited. Some apartments have a code system, where the owners of the apartment have to share a code with whoever they want to invite over. You have to admit that AI has definitely made us all feel a lot safer.

Automation technology:

I am sure most of you have seen this on TV where there’s a house that’s completely automated. These kinds of houses do actually exist right now. The entire house is mostly based on sensors. The door locks and unlocks itself depending on how close the owner is, the lights turn on and off whenever the owner enters and exits a room. Sure, getting an automated house could be expensive, but the added security and convenience makes it worth all the money.


Once you go for a checkup at any hospital when you’re young, all your health-related information is automatically stored in the systems shared by all the other hospitals in the city. This means that they will have all your details ready whenever you go for a visit again. This helps the doctors diagnose any problem as soon as possible. This will also tell them what changed in your body since your last visit and helps you stay healthy for as long as possible. Apart from the obvious benefits, devices like ultrasound and Universal IPL Machines greatly help people to get all sorts of information and treatment.


Nowadays, you can get information on every public transport available in the city. You can plan as far as a week ahead as the timings of each transport is posted online and can be seen by anyone. Not only that, but you can also get information about traffic and under construction roads and all other kinds of information. It’s now easier than ever to be anywhere on time.

These are just some of the applications where AI (Artificial Intelligence) is used to most. With Universal IPL Machines and other useful devices, technology is only going to keep growing faster every day.

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