10 Office Hacks You Should Seriously Consider

An office is a place where a person spends more than half of his day. It’s like a second home with a bit more demanding environment. It is important to feel comfortable in your office; otherwise, you will regret every moment you spend. You can make your office heaven or a nightmare depending on your choice.

In today’s world, everyone is stressed due to their office. Some have problems with their boss while others are not productive. All such problems can be avoided if a person adopts the right approach toward work during office hours. In this blog, we will discuss different techniques that will make your time spent in office more joyful and productive.

Office Hacks You Should Seriously Consider

Keep Your Workspace Clean

It might seem something obvious, but most people don’t pay attention to it. A clean workspace means a better site for you to look at that can put you in a positive frame of mind. Don’t stack everything on your table, try to keep minimum things on it. Arrange your paperwork, clean your computer screen and keyboard with a cloth. If you require a few items are required on the table, make sure to organize them neatly.

Keep Your Workspace Clean

Keeping your workspace clean is not only beneficial for you but can also be motivational for your colleagues. They can also adopt this habit of yours resulting in overall cleanliness in the office.

Research shows that environmentally-responsible companies usually tend to have more productive and engaged employees.One of the best examples of going sustainable for businesses is choosing everyday equipment by looking for more energy-efficient equipment. For instance, you can connect desktop laser printers to your computer instead of using an inkjet printer. Because of the size of the toner drum built into laser desktop printer models, they have become more eco-friendly than inkjet ones.

Listening to Music Without Lyrics

Numerous studies have shown that people who listen to tunes without lyrics produce better productivity. Listening to ambient music will keep you in a happy mood while working and help you to be creative. It will keep you calm and in a positive headspace giving you a better thinking ability.

Listening to Music Without Lyrics

On the other hand, music with lyrics can be distracting. It is because lyrics can grab your attention, getting you hooked up on it. You can use music streaming sites or unblock music sites to listen music.

Don’t Eat Your Lunch Once

Most of the employees see a decline in their productivity after having lunch. The reason behind is if they consume a large meal, they become lazy. After an early lunch, you are more likely to feel hungry again during working hours. So, you should divide your meal into portions, eat it in intervals to keep your metabolic rate high and you will stay active all day.

Don’t Eat Your Lunch Once

Add a Plant in Your Office

Psychologists suggest that nature has a calming influence on the general behavior of human beings. If you are not lucky enough to have a view of trees in your office, try adding a plant. It will have a positive impact on your mood, creativity, health, and productivity. You don’t have to do anything out of the way for that. Just a little potted plant is good enough to induce a positive vibe for you.

Make sure that you don’t opt for a high maintenance option; otherwise, you will spend the most time looking after it.

Add a Plant in Your Office

Don’t Miss Any Learning Opportunity

Every day of life is a learning experience. It might sound cliché, but it is a golden rule in a professional setup. No matter what your position is in the office, you should never shy away from acquiring new skills and approaches.

If you look around your workplace, there is always something for you. From a peon to CEO, everyone has some trait that is worth adopting. So, it is vital that you always pick up something good from your workspace that will help you in the future.

Consider Ergonomics

A comfortable workspace is an essential aspect that can make an individual satisfied with his job. From your sitting posture to your eye level, every factor should be considered to make your office hours worthwhile.

You can incorporate different techniques to get a favorable work environment. Numerous types of stands are available in the market, choosing and using a best phone stand for desk can give you comfort while working.

Use Time-Scheduling Tools

Time management is the biggest concern of employees around the globe. If you lose track of time during office hours, your productivity will also suffer. So, time scheduling is an integral part of an effective work routine. It will assist you in dividing your task with time allocations helping you to manage things better.

There are many latest time scheduling tools available online that will facilitate you in better utilization of time.

Keep Your Phone Out of Sight

Distractions are the biggest reason for low productivity in the workplace, and there is not a bigger one than your phone. If you place your phone in front of you, you are more likely to pick it up now and then. So, it is better to keep the phone distant to avoid interruptions in work.

Avoid Multitasking

Many times a situation comes during office hours when you feel like doing several tasks at once. But it is not a good idea at all as it diverts your attention and affects your concentration level. When you are working on a certain task, you have all energies directed towards it. But hopping over multiple tasks will keep you in a constant struggle to concentrate.

Avoid Multitasking

Another big drawback of multitasking is that it breaks the momentum of work which is very important to yield productivity.

Keep Yourself Active

Long office hours can drag your energy levels down, but you have to find a way to stay charged. Several things can help you do so depending on your choice. For example, a walk in the office, a little chit chat with a colleague or splashing cold water on your face. Adjusting your coffee timing correctly can also be beneficial in keeping you energetic. Make sure that you take it when you need it the most rather than wasting it early in the day.

Keep Yourself Active


If you have a pleasant workplace, it will have a positive impact on your mood and efficiency. All the hacks mentioned above will ensure that your office time becomes an enjoyable experience!

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