Ways to Safe Bitcoin Account from Hackers

Cybercriminals have taken on the task of creating various effective ways to steal all your digital money that is why you must be careful at all times.

It is true that hacking blockchain is much less profitable; cybercriminals have managed to develop malicious programs that can violate the security of your computer and thus have access to your digital currency.

Swift is one of the safest cyber security systems in the world, well that was until a network of hackers managed to steal millions of dollars from many European and Asian banks.

That is why special care should be taken with any action taken on the internet when involving your bitcoins, since being a difficult currency to track when making a transaction; it is an excellent option for hackers.

Ways to Safe Bitcoin Account from Hackers


What this software specifically does is encrypt all or some data on a computer, then, when trying to open them, you are asked for a ransom in order to recover them, so you should be careful with all the emails and files that you receive in your email since it is the main cause of spread. So use crypto cash website to keep your account safe.

Fact: With what happened last year with Wannacry, many companies may have paid to get your data back. This data is unknown since many companies did not reveal whether their security was violated, especially if this is related to their customers. According to Vladimir Escalante from Kaspersky Lab, this 2018 we will have a busy year, because cybercriminals have already found a doorway and will not hesitate to steal data and money from users

What employers are really concerned about is that thanks to the negligence of an employee, an entire system or the main computer can be infected, so the main recommendation Avaya makes is to educate all employees about these risks, in addition not to open files of dubious origin.


This element is really about identity theft from some person or company, where web portals with very similar domains are created, but in reality they are fake pages.

It all starts with an email from your supposed bank that tells you that your account has been blocked, so you must enter the portal; enter all your bank details to access it again.

The first point here is to check the URL address to which this email sends you, you should carefully check each word, since there lies the falsehood of it, although we must also remember that no bank requests this information online, if you have any doubts about your account, just dial your bank and you can get out of the mess.

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This program, in addition to being complex, can generate a great loss to a company or a person, since they detect keyboard and mouse clicks that are done on any page, it can obtain your Facebook password, and above all, access to your profile where you have your bitcoin.

They can also search the cache of the computer to learn the movements of a user in order to know when they will enter an important account to steal information or the user’s money.

It is recommended to change the password of any account regularly and if any anomaly is detected, speak to your trusted company, such as Kasperky or AON.

Remote Access Trojans (RATS)

This remote access virus, specifically of the Trojan type, can be one of the most harmful programs for victims, since if they get installed on a computer; the hacker will be able to control what they want to do on this PC remotely.

In this way you can even open or close the CD port, activate sounds, change the wallpaper, delete files, send messages, use your private accounts, even install what you want, in this way you can have access to everything you want.

Its propagation method is by email, so you should NEVER open the information or links, although you should also be careful with programs that presumably have a function. A program called Bitcoin alarm apparently warned you when the number and change of these was made, but in reality it was a Trojan that stole your information.

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