Identify & Stop Rogue Employees Before They Become Security Threat for Business

Running a big business and company is not an easy job. There is continues competition with other companies of the same caliber and new strategies are constantly needed to stay beat the rival company. Here the company strategies need to be kept a secret for the reason hat rival company may not benefit from it or misuse the company’s information to cause a downfall to it.

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Identify & Stop Rogue Employees before they become Security Threat for Business

Threats for Business

According to media, it is mainly the dramatic malware or foreign hackers that cause a leak of the company’s private information but in reality, it is mostly the meek employees that cause this. The employees have access to the company’s strategies and secrets which they might sell to the rival for-profit or the employee itself might be sent by the rival to gain information. It is also possible that the employees unintentionally leak the company’s information.

How to avoid Business’s threat

To prevent employees and staff from causing this security breech it is the duty of the employer to educate and train the staff about the company’s security and privacy terms. The use of suitable software like BlurSPY is also a way to avoid the leak of information. This Android Spy software’s if installed in the company’s computer systems and other gadgets provided by the company to the employees, will allow the employer to keep a close eye on the activities of the employee.

Technological malware

The risk of information leak is increasing day by day as the upgrade in technology continues to take place. The staff bringing their personal devices to the workplace and the threat of someone by chance getting their hands on any official email attachment are just a few examples of the increasing risks of the threatened privacy. It is also possible that a department in the company, cunningly, might be using an insecure server. Plus, there is also the danger of an employee involuntarily runny a fake website, full of malware.

It doesn’t matter what size the company is, it cannot escape the sly hands of the criminals and hence they all are vulnerable. An example of such a security attack is the British airways hack as well as the attack by Not Petya on Maersk, which is a shipping giant. Such criminals are increasing at an alarming rate all over the internet and are easily able to find and attack the weaknesses of the company.

Measures to protect your business

All these stories about the hackers are a wakeup call for the businessmen and workers. They should now start taking extensive measures to protect their systems with hardcore security. The attacks the previous companies faced are quite complex to understand but that still provides the need for the rest of the businesses to keep an eye on their systems and guard themselves well.

The five ways I have mentioned below will help you to educate your employees on protecting the systems

The utmost employees training

In most of companies, it is assumed that only the IT staff is responsible to take care of all kinds of information security, hacking and risks in the network. However, risk management departments are not perfect. Their software may look like magic and the companies growing speedily believe that their security systems are un-hackable. It does not matter what they think, it is a fact that no company is safe from Data Breaches and Hacking Attacks.

Therefore, workers of every company need to be given awareness and training on how they should help in protecting data and systems. In a company, starting from the newly hired employee to the c-level executives, everyone needs an education that stresses the idea that keeping a company safe from attacks is the responsibility of every single individual of the company.

It should also be encouraged that people report any potential weaknesses like the use of unauthorized cloud services or devices or the employees that are found leaking data out from the business. Filling up the minds of the staff with this knowledge helps guard the business as well as draw attention to such types of workers that aren’t seen being serious about these risks.

Security from IT malware

While using cell phones, computer or data files, the workers mostly don’t have a security check-in mind. The employers of every business should teach their staff how the attacks on previous companies occurred and how they should be avoiding the same types of pitfalls.

Perpetual awareness

Although it’s necessary to have awareness sessions regularly, a brief email every day will help employees to keep a security check-in mind. Every business should persuade the employees to openly accept their mistakes, as they will be forgiven, and how together the staff should help defend the company and keep an eye on any possible risks. If by chance a breach of privacy occurs within the business then it is necessary to openly inform the rest of the staff about it and make it clear to them about who, why, how and what caused it. This will help evade the chances of repetition of the same breach again. It easy also necessary to let the staff know about the emails that are actually scam and about the blocked intrusions.

Security Threat for Business

Strong password

It is also essential that all the staff members know about the significance of secure and strong passwords and about the computer system that the employees use, which regularly need to be changed. In this regard, BlurSPY is an amazing contribution. Since it, the amazing app that has all the amazing features for the security of your business. It will keep an eagle’s eye on your staff systems before it becomes a threat to you.

Secure networking system

It should be highlighted that there might be risks of malware if the office system is connected to the networks which are possibly insecure, mainly while traveling and there is a threat of transfer of business data out from through email or other means. There are very simple and good ways through which businesses can shield themselves from hacks and malware, but they can only work if the staff is educated enough about it. They should also be taught about the complex possible risks so that they can help protect the company.

Final thoughts

What we infer from all of the above points is that it is a fact that the threats and risks to companies and businesses are inevitable unless the whole staff works together and the employees who practice wrongs are caught and fired. It necessary that the staff is taught about the threats the business can face and at the same time, it is crucial to keep a check on every single staff member. It is also immensely necessary that the employees who are sent by the rival are caught before they can cause much damage to the business.

For this reason, the software, CCTV and every possible security measure should be taken so that none of the employees is able to share the information outside of the business.