13 Ways to Build a Happy & More Productive Workforce

A statistical report from Gallup suggests that optimal employee satisfaction reflects on work productivity and the uplifting environment at work. On the same scale, micromanagement is what forces loyal employees to either quit or work without zeal. Achieving employee satisfaction and, in turn, a productive workplace is a pretty challenging task. However, with the right … Read more

The History of Marketing Operations

As of now, an average organization uses about 80-90 cloud services. Over the past decade, marketing operations have evolved a lot. And today, for each organization, marketing operations are the backbone. Starting from planning to process, resources and technology is everything today. Traditionally marketing operations were an IT-centric role with a couple of people in … Read more

10 Ways to Make Your Team More Productive

Whether 5 members or 25 members, leading a team is always challenging. You have to group different types of people to complete a task. It sometimes leads to miscommunication, clashes, and delay in results. I know it can drive anyone crazy. But, as a result, it shows the impact on work productivity. However, handling this … Read more

11 “Internet of Things” Startups to Watch [Infographic]

IoT, or the Internet of Things which was once used as a tool for an application, is now one of the significant ecosystems today. IoT has put its steps in healthcare, energy management, agriculture technologies, logistics, manufacturing, etc. It is now a startup ecosystem around the globe. Yes, it takes a decade to become at … Read more

Don’t Forget These 10 Project Management Best Practices [Infographic]

An organization’s overall success is depending on project management. Everyone is facing new competition each day in every industry. And in this scenario, all companies want their project teamwork perfectly and consistently. It can be possible with effective project management practice. With the perfect practice, your team can efficiently and swiftly complete any project. Project … Read more

How Successful Teams Use Project Management Software?

Managers of any organization handle multiple teams, projects, and people at the same time. A manager is a core person, and he has to ensure that every project he addresses is successful. We all know it’s not an easy task. To make it easy, companies and organizations use project management software. It saves you lots … Read more

How to Choose Project Management Software? [2021]

Project Management Tools and software

Choosing the right Project Management Software is a little difficult now a day. Right now, there are plenty of software companies available in the market and they all provide project management software according to your need. So here we are going to show you some important factor to choose the right project management tools. I … Read more

10 Essential Elements for the Perfect Project Plan

When it comes to success in project management, a well-designed project plan is one of the greatest vital elements. Right from deadlines to reducing stress, this plan encompasses all the aspects. The significance of project plans is immense since they offer a shared vision for the target that needs to be fulfilled by the project. … Read more

What are the Criteria for Selecting Project Management Software?

As a business owner, you may notice your project manager is having difficulty keeping track of the progress of a project. Those involved are also missing deadlines and failing to deliver needed outputs. When you ask for updates, the information you receive varies depending on who you talked with. If all these things ring true … Read more