Spotify Premium APK Free Download (No Root) 2020

In this article we are going to show you Spotify Premium APK to listen your favorite song without any cost. We are going to discuss in detail with with image of Spotify Premium APK free download so that this will be easy to understand for you.

Spotify Premium App best free music streaming site where you can enjoy your favorite music. Music is such a great invention in mankind. I myself start my day with melodious instruments and end it with the same music. Music technology has improved a lot since it was invented and evolved to a very great extent. Nowadays you can carry a million songs in your pocket.

Music players for your computers and smartphones have made our experience even more awesome by implementing features like Album, Singer, Artist category, Play in a loop, shuffle and play, lyric while playing, etc. There are thousands of music player app for Android.

Spotify Premium APK

Spotify Premium APK

Spotify Premium app is the best music downloader app that I have used till date and the Spotify premium app is pure gold. It is very advanced and user-friendly that you will get addicted to it very soon. Spotify premium app ensures digital music, through which you can listen to any song or hear any music anywhere in the world at any time just by having good internet connection.

But Spotify is not available in many countries due to some issues. The Spotify premium apk is available in play store and it is paid app, however, you can download the same using some cracked and modded apps from external sources.

Spotify Premium APK Features & Usage

  • Spotify Premium is absolutely ad-free. You can skip unlimited times in the premium version of the app without getting any pop-up ads.
  • In the premium version of Spotify, you can download unlimited music and stream any music without any restrictions. The downloaded music can only be played in Spotify.
  • Extreme Audio feature, a cool feature that enables you to increase the volume up to 150% when connected to speakers and also edit the Equalizer.
  • Spotify Premium allows you to create unlimited playlists, which can be used across multiple devices, so that you can sync the playlist to your tablet, computer, etc.
  • The new feature of the Spotify premium app is that it has included lyrics for all the songs that are available which is great for music lovers.
  • Since all the features and songs are downloaded, listed in Spotify online, you can access all your records from different devices.
  • Spotify app is but 35MB and the app has a 4.5 rating out of 5 and has more than 100 million downloads in the Google play store.

How to Download Spotify Premium APK?

You can buy the Spotify premium apk from the Google play store. But if you are looking for a cracked version of the app, you can find it online. The link to download the app is posted below. You need not root your device to install the Spotify premium apk.



Disclaimer: Any damage caused by apps installed from external source is your problem.

More about Spotify Premium Modded APK or Spotify Premium Cracked APK:

If Spotify premium apk is a stock ROM, then the modded and cracked versions of Spotify premium are custom ROMs. These apps provide more flexibility in editing than the Spotify premium app. The Modded versions include the change of interface of the app and many more features. As different developers develop different mods for the same app, you will get new features for the same app in different websites.

Features of Spotify mod apk or Spotify cracked apk:

  • These apps are really a gem where you can have an interface that you like for your music player.
  • All visual ads are blocked, ads before videos are completely removed and no pop ups too.
  • Unlimited songs download and playlist creation is included in the apps.
  • A more advanced Equalizer and audio boosted is available in some mods.
  • There is no need for a rooted device to install these apps, however, some features require root permissions.
  • Auto App kill feature enables you to stop the music and close the app automatically after a specified time.
  • Some modded Spotify apks include pre-installed VPNs which enables the user to use the app even if the app is not available in their country.

How to download the Modded Spotify Premium APK?

There are no proper download links available for the cracked Spotify apk or modded Spotify apk, you have to browse around the internet to find an app that works for you. But make sure that you scan for virus/malware before installing the app as they come from a non-trusted source you will have to ensure that the app is safe for your device. If you are using a rooted device then an app with a virus can take down your phone easily.

How to install Spotify Premium APK?

  • You can directly buy and install the app from Google play store, but if you can afford it, then use the link below to download the Spotify premium apk file.
  • Link to download Spotify premium apk:
  • If you have downloaded the app from the above link then you will have to enable the Unknown sources to feature in accessibility in settings to install it.
  • After that, just install the app as you install other Android apps.
  • Now, you can just create your Spotify premium account and enjoy it. If you have downloaded the app from the above link, then you cannot use the login through Facebook feature.
  • That’s it, now you can float in premium music!


There are a lot of music players available for Android users nowadays, but the famous ones are Spotify, Google Play Music, Saavan, etc. This post will tell you all about why you have to choose Spotify over other music players. The patched Spotify apk, cracked Spotify apk, modded Spotify apk available in the market are also good.

However, the Spotify premium apk is safe and best music player for everyone according to my view, day by day lots of new features are being added to this app and it becoming more popular than ever. Share your thoughts and feedback in the comment section below.

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