13 Best iPad/iPhone Security Apps 2017

13 Best iPad/iPhone Security Apps 2017
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Best iPad and iPhone Security Apps

iPhone users increase day by day as iPhone release its iDevice with updated features and user experience. So, it is not telling wrong that iPhone, iPad, and iPod ruling the world. But security and privacy issues are becoming a very concerned issue whether they are using iPhone 6 or iPhone 8. But iPad and iPhone security apps can solve this problem.

Smartphone and tablets are used to store important data and file like photos, contacts, email etc. These all are personal data and no one want show this to anyone. But sometimes it happens that your nearest person accesses your device and that time your personal information is in danger. To secure this information you need best iPad security apps for iDevices. Also read how to fix WiFi Not Working in iOS 9 on iPhone and iPad.

There are numbers of security apps for iPhone available on App store and people are using this iPhone security app and iPad security app for different purpose like hiding file, VPN app to access the restricted website, to protect their password and to find if devices lost.

Best iPhone and iPad Security Apps 2017

So, here is a list of best security app for iPhone and iPad. Choose which is best for you and you are comfortable to protect and secure your data.

Secret Calculator Icon

Secret Calculator Icon best security app for iPhone 2017

Secret Calculator is best mobile security app for iPhone and iPad. The best part of this app is its look like a calculator on your iDevice. No one can think that this iPhone security app. You can easily hide, store and manage your images, videos, contacts and important documents. You can set pattern lock so when the unknown user tries to access your device with wrong pattern the front camera capture photo of them so you can see who tried to access your phone. During using this app, you can move to another app by just swapping your screen.

Betternet VPN

Betternet VPN Best Security App for iPhone and iPad 2017

Betternet VPN has a simple user interface. You can access restricted website on any network. This VPN work like a proxy and it changes your IP so no one can track you. With it high secure service you can secure your data and sensitive information on your iPhone and iPad device. When you run this app, it automatically connects you nearest server.

VPN Hexatech

VPN Hexatech Best Security App for iPhone 2017

VPN Hexatech is free VPN app that enables you to operate a website which is restricted on your IP. The app creates secure connection when you connect with open network or hotspots. It connects you to your nearest connection and gives you fast browsing service. This is another best iPhone security app. You can start and end app by clicking on “On” and “Off” button. If you are looking for free security app for your iPhone and iPad device this is the best choice for you.

Find my iPhone

Find My iPhone Security App 2017

This is best tracking app and security iPhone and iPad app. It’s one of the best feature of the iOS firmware. With this security app you can track your device moment in case you lost it, you can track your iPhone by logging on the iCloud account. You can access your device remotely and can erase data of your iDevice remotely if someone tries to misuse your personal information. This is free security app on App store.

Find My iPhone
Find My iPhone
Developer: Apple
Price: Free

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Lookout iPhone Security App 2017

Lookout iPhone security app is similar to Find my iPhone. The app tracks your iPhone and you can check the location of the device by logging on your Lookout account. If you forget where you put your iPhone or its on vibrating mode when you lost, you can ring it from the web browser or can send a message to the iPhone. Lookout comes with some advanced features like it saves the last location of iPhone before battery down and you can instantly take backup your contacts.


Keeper iPhone Mobile Security App 2017

If you are looking for iPhone security apps that have everything you want then Keeper is perfect security app for you. It can manage your password and also can hide your important files like video, images, documents etc. You can store as many passwords as you want to store. If you don’t like the look of the app you can easily change it by changing the theme. Simply logging with Touch ID. With this app, you can put your document private cloud.

Keeper Password Manager
Keeper Password Manager


mSecure iPhone Security App 2017

mSecure is highly rated iPhone security app on App store. The app has simple and easy user interface. The app syncs your data it self. The self-destructs option make your important data more secure. If you want to share your account detail with other, you can send them in email or can send the message. The app creates highly secure password to protect data. You can also search particular account detail within the app and user can sync their new data by logging on the iCoud account.

Avira Mobile Security

Avira Mobile Security App for iPhone 2017

Avira Mobile Security app is free for the user who doesn’t want to pay. The app itself make your email safe and protect your contact detail from the spammers. Sometimes it happens that you lost your iPhone and it’s on vibrate mode, so you can ring and get the location of your iDevice. The best part I like about this app is OS checker which check whether your iPhone updated or not. With this free app, you can connect only five devices.

Avira Mobile Security
Avira Mobile Security

Norton Identity Safe

Norton Identity Safe iPhone Security App 2017

This is free security app for iPhone, iPad and iPod device. The app is developed by well knows company Norton, so there is no any doubt about security. The app store passwords and account details of different websites. The app generates PIN so you can lock it by using a PIN number. The app makes safe your online purchase by saving your credit card and address detail. The auto password generates create a very strong password that can’t be cracked.

Norton Identity Safe
Norton Identity Safe
Developer: Symantec
Price: Free

Best Phone Security Pro

Best Phone Security Pro for iPhone Security 2017

This another best security app for iPhone because comes with passcode lock similar to iPhone 7 stock passcode. There is only once the difference between best phone security pro and stock iPhone 7 is if unauthorised person tries to access your iPhone the alarm will ring up. You can record your alarm ton or can set default alarm sound. If anyone enters wrong password, it captures a photo of you person who is trying to play with your iPhone. This is paid security app.

Best Phone Security Pro
Best Phone Security Pro

Foscam Surveillance Pro

Foscam Surveillance Pro iPhone Security App 2017

Foscam Surveillance Pro is home and office security app which you can operate from your iPhone. To use this security app you need an IP camera and internet connection. The app works like security surveillance module, you can check up to six IP cameras which are set up in different locations and also can control the movement of Foacam IP camera.


1Password iPhone Security App 2017

If you have installed this app on your iPhone device then you don’t need to remember all account password. The app generates single password to store all your user-names and passwords of all accounts. The app has the military grade data encryption system which keeps your data secure. The app provides facility to store all your details in different categories and different sections.

Developer: AgileBits Inc.
Price: Free+

Foscam HD 2 Lite

Foscam HD 2 Lite iPhone Security App 2017

This iPhone and iPad security app are similar to Foscam Surveillance Pro. You can see live images of location with this live data streaming app. You can zoom in/out the screen. With this app, you can detect the motion and sound from the location. The only difference is between this two security app is, Foscam HD 2 Lite shows you only two IP cameras which you can easily access from iPhone with an internet connection.

So we have explained best mobile security for iPhone and list out best iPad and iPhone security app for to protect your device from the theft.

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