5 Types of Video Ads to Improve Online Sales

No two video ads are exactly the same in terms of type, presentation or content. Expand your marketing horizons away from traditional outbound mediums and explore bringing more customers into the fold through creative inbound marketing with a focus on video and it won’t take long to reap the rewards.

Here’s a quick look at five of the most important video marketing examples that will boost your online sales in surprisingly little time.

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Video Ads

1. Video Testimonials

The beauty of a video testimonial is that it is perceived as an objective and straightforward explanation of a product or service’s merits. Putting a human face in your testimonial video is a somewhat covert means of connecting with the audience on a personal, and possibly even an emotional level. To put it bluntly, people respond to other people, especially if the testimonial creates an emotional connection through spoken word.

Choose video testimonials to present your value offering and this important form of social proof will reinforce your overarching marketing message, humanizing your product/service as well as your business in a way that other ads cannot.

2. How-to Videos

How-to videos that demonstrate exactly how products or services provide value have the potential to convert prospects at a much higher rate than other forms of video ads. However, there is an art to such tutorial videos. Carefully select an employee or satisfied customer to demonstrate the utility, value or other merits of your product for artful communication that makes a lasting impact. Address the audience as though they are clean intellectual slates, simplifying each step of the product’s use with everyday language.

Write out a script for your how-to advertising video that anyone can understand that is complete with full instructions as to how to use the product or maximize the utility of the service provided and you’ll win over skeptics surprisingly easily. Continue to expand your video advertising campaign with additional explanatory videos that explain product/service features in-depth and you’ll maximize conversions all the more.

3. A Video Message From a Company Insider

Prospective customers love to hear from the heads of companies. From CEOs to COOs, founders, managers and others at or near the top of the company hierarchy, there is inherent respect when a powerful individual directly addresses the audience. Feature one or several of your company’s leaders in your video ads and you’ll boost online sales all the more.

Above all, tailor the language of your video ads to your specific target audience, keying in on the pain points and characteristics of your defined buyer personas. When in doubt, select your most charismatic leader to deliver the message to maximize audience engagement.

4. Animated Videos

Much has been made of millennials and Generation Z suffering from Peter Pan syndrome. In short, some of today’s young adults are hesitant to grow up, opting to remain in perpetual childhood for as long as possible. Millennials and Generation Z’s interest in engaging with childhood nostalgia serves as a golden opportunity for companies willing to expand their marketing campaign to include animated videos.

Animate your marketing message in cartoon form and you’ll make meaningful inroads with millennials, Generation Z and Generation Alpha, creating potentially lasting bonds that add to your bottom line for years or even decades.

5. Product Overviews and Closeups

Educating your target audience about the merits of your unique product or service is part of the cost of doing business. The challenge lies in communicating the utility or value provided by the product without spending an egregious sum of money. Opt for a product overview advertisement including a closeup of the product and you’ll provide the audience with a close look at its features and benefits. Think long and hard before selecting a presenter to demonstrate the product’s utility and other features. Though it is tempting to choose in-house personnel to demonstrate product merits in overview and closeup videos, choosing a professional elocutionist or even a celebrity presenter is also worth considering.

Provide an elaborate overview of the product and you’ll generate the buzz necessary to build momentum among prospective customers and current customers, boosting web-based and in-person sales all the more. Don’t forget to zoom directly into the product or examples of the service provided from all different angles. A product closeup video prominently displays features that otherwise might not have been visible when viewed on a webpage, in a traditional catalog or from afar.


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