How to Buy the Right Apple Band for a Perfect Style?

The enthusiasm for Apple Watch is now more than ever. Last year, it sold more smartwatches than the entire Swiss watch market, including prestigious brands like TAG Heuer and Swatch. In 2019 alone, it shipped close to 31 million Apple Watches.

Apple as a brand is quite stringent when it comes to configuring things. There aren’t usually a lot of options. But in the case of the Apple Watch, you have the flexibility of changing the straps. You can purchase a bling Apple Watch band or a regular band to personalize the overall look. In this article, learn how to buy the right Apple Band for a perfect style.

Match Straps with Formality Level

The main strap selection factor to consider is the formality level of your outfit. This may sound easy, but most people fail to recognize the formality of their dress correctly. Basically, there are four different types of formality levels. Those are:

  • Black tie/White tie
  • Business formal
  • Sharp casual
  • Casual

In the first type, you put on a black or a white tie, a proper suit, and a matching formal shoe. Instead of the tie, you can also wear a tuxedo to qualify for this category. You wear these when attending a formal event. Most celebs at movie premieres or Oscars wear these. The best straps you can select for this formality level are leather straps.

Business formal is more for the business meetings and similar events. A tie is a must but can be anything besides black or white. Metal straps go best with business formals.

Business casual wear is when you dress up for regular jobs. You can select a casual suit without a tie with your top button open. Leather and metal both work well with business casual.

Lastly, you have a casual wear outfit that’s more popular among tech entrepreneurs and employees. Anything other than leather will fit perfectly with this outfit.

So you first need to determine your formality level and match the straps accordingly.

Leather Compliments Leather

To find the perfect material and color for your strap, you don’t need to look further than your shoes, belts, and other accessories. In dressing, there’s a concept of “Leather Compliments Leather.” This rule essentially states that if you’re wearing a leather boot, your straps should be leather. Similarly, if you’re wearing leather belts, your straps better are leather.

Not only the material, but the same thing goes for color. If your boots are brown, you must select brown-colored straps for your Apple Watch. If you’ve put on navy blue sports sneakers, it’s better if the straps are navy blue.

There’s another rule of “Metal Compliments Metal.” So if you’ve put on metal accessories like gold, silver, or platinum, your band should be of the same metal. But stainless steel will fit into any metal you might be wearing as an accessory.

The aim here is to reduce distractions. Two or more colors that are different from each other will be more distracting to look at.

When to Wear a Smartwatch?

Smartwatches look their best when you match them with a casual dress style. So, when you’re at a party or hanging out with friends in your t-shirts or jacket, you can wear your smartwatch.

You may want to avoid smartwatches for business or smart casual outfits. They aren’t specifically made for those occasions.

The market for the Apple Watch band is large. So you’ll have no trouble finding your preferred strap. You can either go for a bling Apple Watch band or a regular metal strap. But always keep the above styling tips in mind for the best dressing results.