Are Leather MacBook Cases Any Good?

The most common protective cases for MacBook include metal, plastic, foam, and leather. Out of all these options, however, people typically choose foam and plastic sleeves. For one, they are more affordable. And second, you can buy one from third-party vendors.

Less common are Leather MacBook Cases. Aesthetically, they enhance the look of your laptop. The bespoke material will also provide added protection for your device.

But are they worth the money?

It depends on the product that you choose.

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Are Leather MacBook Cases Any Good

The Value of Real Leather for Your MacBook

There are two main types of leather in the market today. You have genuine leather and synthetic leather.

The primary difference between the two materials is that genuine leather is fashioned from real animal hide.

The most common type of hide used is extracted from cows or buffaloes. On the other hand, synthetic leather is manufactured out of a lab using a plastic base. Then they add wax, polyurethane and coloring to mimic the texture and color of cowhide.

However, cowhide also lasts longer compared to synthetic leather. Plastic tends to crack and dry, especially when exposed to natural elements.

While faux leather tries to mimic authentic leather very hard, it can never replicate the look and feel of genuine cowhide. When you run your fingers through the surface, cowhide feels a bit coarse. But it smoothes out over time. Plastic material tends to be smoother and feels fake.

Also, synthetic leather doesn’t protect your device as much as genuine leather. If a laptop drops to the floor, it has a high chance of sustaining damage if you choose the cheaper product.

Genuine leather also tends to be waterproof compared to plastic. Of course, if your device is soaked, no leather case can protect it.

When you purchase Leather MacBook Cases, make sure you only choose the genuine type. It will not only protect your expensive laptop from accidental bumps, scratches, and scrapes, but the material will also enhance the look of your device.

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Mid-Level Protection

Leather cases and sleeves, just like plastic silicone, only offer mid-level protection. Do not expect it to always protect your device from shock and abuse.

There are anti-shock cases available in the market today. However, their main characteristic is that they are cumbersome.

What they could not offer in terms of maximum protection, Leather Macbook Cases make up for their luxury design.

MacBooks are known for their sleek designs. The exquisite construction is one of the reasons why they are so popular. It is the common theme of Apple products. MacBooks scream luxury.

It would be a waste to cover up all that beauty under a bulky covering. That is one advantage of using a quality leather case compared to the rugged rubber protective case.

Handcrafted for Superior Aesthetics

Authentic leather is handcrafted from cowhide. On the inside, you need to make sure that the lining is made of wool. The soft material will protect the exterior of the device from sustaining scratches. The wool cloth will also prevent metallic paint from peeling.

The design is also deceptively simple, but the sleek construction does not feel bulky at all. The thickness should be the right balance between providing protection and looking bespoke.

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