3 Trends in Business Analytics

The field of business analysis has developed radically in the past decade. Its evolution parallels the progress of technology. The cloud makes sharing information quick and easy, and data-driven resources are available to all. Business managers, as well as dedicated analysts, have access to complicated analytical tools. Here are three trends to look for in business analytics.

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Business Analytics Trends

1. Increased Use of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is an advanced scientific field that focuses on creating machines and machine-based processes that can perform tasks traditionally done by humans. This field is developing rapidly. In fact, Gartner’s report called 2020 Strategic Technology Trends names AI as one of the top technological developments. AI is changing the face of analytics and how businesses access and use data.

  • Constant live information updates
  • Accurate recognition of irregularities based on learned knowledge about historical trends
  • Complete and automatic data analysis without the need for human effort

While some scientists urge caution about AI, the business world is finding that its growth has greatly advanced interaction and use of analytics.

2. Data Visualization and Discovery

Companies have increasing access to advanced tools for studying and evaluating information. A survey from the Business Application Research Center found that complex data management and interfacing is a key trend in the realm of corporate information metrics. An important part of this developing area of data handling is business intelligence software.

These tools take data analysis to another level with features such as visualization that renders even complicated business metrics easier to comprehend. This complex software makes it convenient for companies to study multiple types of data and find useful insights.

3. Mobile Information

The incursion of mobile marketing into business practices will continue. As increasing numbers of companies realize the benefits of mobile business information technology, the availability of tools that allow data management from anywhere will also grow. No longer are professionals tied to an office in order to access key company information, and growing numbers of consumers are turning to mobile devices for company interaction.

The challenges businesses now face to develop more efficient mobile business information platforms include designing programs that deliver the best possible user experience across mobile devices as well as all screen sizes. However, the benefits of mobile business information far outweigh obstacles.

Future Trends Are Here Now

While technology is driving the development of business data management for the future, many elements of new processes are available to companies now. AI will continue to develop, as will mobile interface and advanced software. By paying attention and incorporating the latest technological tools for information management and analysis now, businesses are giving themselves a boost into the future.

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