Root Genius APK Download: Root Genius APK Android Rooting tool

Root Genius APK : More and more people are shifting their focus for the development of Android as it is an open-source platform that provides flexibility for program developers to customise any version of Android OS according to their will or with a preset modded application. But first thing before customising any Android device shall be followed by erasing the manufacturer’s internal control settings. It is achieved by a simple process called Rooting.

While the market is flooded with apps that can assist in Android rooting process, there are only a few such apps can be filtered in by accessing their legitimate claims. In this light, Root Genius apk for Android is one such app that needs to be filtered in and considered for assisting in the process of Android rooting. The present article is to give the readers a broad outlook on the functioning of Root Genius app, the procedure to root genius apk free download, and also discuss the compatibility of Root Genius apk with Android versions and devices as well as its ease of working on Windows PC.

Root Genius APK

Exploring Rooting On Android Devices

Rooting for Android device is a process that combines several commands that are essential to unlocking the actual capacity of your Android device. It is often noticed that the manufacturers of Android devices limit the full functionality of chipset to promote their list of applications and products. Thus, the process of rooting erases such restriction and allows the users to get more than promised features out of their devices.

Rooting is done to accommodate modded apk files, custom ROMs providing a quality user interface that are available in the market. Such modded apk files are pre-determined, customised versions of the popular Android application. These modded files improve the lacking features of such favorite apps such as games or any other utility apps. Essentially, it can make paid app service free by specific program tweaks. Hence, rooting of Android becomes inevitable by a large section of its users. Root Genius is one such Android application that assists in rooting.

Extended Details Of Root Genius APK For Android

PCWindows OS
Latest Download Figures6000
Filesize6.1 MB
OS SupportAndroid version 4.0 and above
Product Available onRoot Genius official

Exploring Root Genius APK For Android

Root Genius app is a popular and lightweight Android application that is powerful enough to root almost any Android device. You may either install the application on your computer or root genius download directly onto your phone, the result shall remain the same – quick yet efficient rooting of Android device.

The significant positives and negatives of using Root Genius apk listed as below:

  • It is optional to install it on any computer
  • Provides vast support for over 1000 Android devices
  • The app may not be user-friendly for the beginners
  • Does not provide automatic data backup option

Characteristics Of Root Genius APK For Android

  • It offers a one-step solution to root any Android device. It can be connected either to a computer or directly by phone.
  • Automatic support to root a device in Recovery root mode.
  • The developers of Root Genius app have released the product in portable version and setup version.
  • The uniqueness of a portable version of Root Genius apk is that the user need not install this app while the rooting process shall be enabled. With its setup version, a PC is required to root any Android device.
  • Unrooting of selected Android device is also possible using Root Genius.
  • Root Genius apk has passed stringent clean certificate test by It certifies that the app is free of viruses, malware, spyware, trojan, etc.

Things Of Note Before Rooting Using Root Genius App

  • If anything goes wrong while rooting your Android device, you may try to contact the developer of the rooting application and ask for their support.
  • Rooting for any Android device shall void the manufacturer’s warranty. Hence rooting is to be performed only in the case of dire necessity.
  • In case the Root Genius rooting app fails, there are other good alternative rooting apps for Android to try: 360 Root, Towel Root, Frameroot, KingRoot, iRoot.
  • Rooting applications can also be installed on computers for yielding better results.
  • Adequate time must be given to take a full data backup before performing the rooting process.
  • The facts given above are general things to remember before performing an Android rooting process. There is no specific precaution to be taken in the case of Root Genius apk.

Device Compatibility With Root Genius APK

A lot has been already explained about the compatibility of Root Genius apk. Now we shall explore on specific Android devices and its compatibility with the rooting application in the discussion. The market results and user feedbacks have proven that Root Genius App is compatible with over 1000 Android devices including models from manufacturers like Samsung, HTC, LG. Vivo, Oppo, Motorola, Nokia, Gionee, Sony Xperia, Panasonic, Intel and much more.

How To Root your Android Device Using Root Genius Apk?

The process of rooting is primarily simplified using Root Genius App. Following the below steps shall yield desirable results in quick time:

On Windows PC- Using Setup version

  • Firstly, disable any third-party antivirus program on your PC. Otherwise, the app will not run.
    Make sure to take a complete backup before rooting the device.
  • On your Android device, go to Settings menu, search for Developer Options, click on USB Debugging and select the USB debugging mode option.
  • Now download the latest version of Root Genius PC application from its official page. A simple internet search would land you on to its download page.
  • Now plug-in the Android device to be rooted.
  • Open the Root Genius App, and the app shall detect your Android device automatically. If it fails to detect, you select it manually.
  • Simple agree to the user agreement and proceed to click on “Root it” button.
  • Reboot the Android device once the rooting process is complete.

Using Portable Version

  1. Firstly, enable “Install from Unknown Sources” option that is available under Security menu of any Android device.
  2. Now proceed to download Root Genius apk directly on the Android device or download it on PC first and then transfer the downloaded file to the device.
  3. Once installing the app is finished, open the app by tapping on its icon.
  4. A simple screen will appear indicating few details of your Android device.
  5. Agree to the user agreements and click on “Root it” button.
  6. Restart the Android device after the rooting process.

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