Python Certification: Most Favored Open-Source Programming Language

Python certification offers the best body of knowledge for Python Programming language. It is one of the top favorites of web development and programming experts. It is also preferred in the field of data analytics.

Python certification inculcates techniques that can be applied in a programming that is object-oriented. On account of its easy integration with other technologies, it significantly reduces the development time and results in better programming productivity, even if it is a highly sophisticated project. The simplicity of compilation functions and the easily readable syntax are important aspects of the language. Features like built-in debugger help in convenient debugging of programs.

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Python Certification


  • The applicant must possess basic knowledge of programming concepts
  • An understanding of object-oriented concepts is going to be useful.

What’s there to Learn?

Learn the best coding practices and understand the object-oriented approach to programming. Guido van Rossum in 1989 came up with the idea of inventing a language in response to the ABC programming. Hence, Python is an advanced language that is easy to learn and fruitful to execute. It is the main reason for its growing popularity among data scientist and the IT industry. Python is used in the development of websites, web applications, enterprise and business applications, prototyping, language development, and even GUI desktop application.

Below are the focal learning points:

Installation of Python

Learn about the Anaconda-Python distribution. Get familiarized with the language. Learn the basic terminology and often used expressions.


After being introduced to the language, learn the basic application, syntax, different types of variables, and commonly used operators by creating your first ever Python program.

Data Structures

Learn the types of data structures used in the application of the language. There are a variety of topics covered under this section, like sets, dictionaries, arrays, tuples, and lists. As your understanding of the program deepens, the curriculum increases in complexity. The introduction to Python code is going to assist you in comprehending and deploying Python Data Structures.

Loop Statements

Learn about the control and loop statements of the language. Get to know about the intricate code-making by learning about the control structure. The topics that are covered under this section include Break, Repeat, Next and Switch statements, and more.


After learning how to import Python modules created by you, learn how to use Python modules in other directories. Also, learn how the installation of packages works. Important spheres of learning under this segment include ways of package installation, module search path, and the import statement.


Learn how to apply regular expressions in parsing of files and text for data, and the use of regular expressions in matching patterns. In addition to expressions and sub-expressions, also learn about complex substation, the best tricks, and tips that will give you an edge over others in the implementation of codes.

Object-Oriented Programming

Learn to write functions that are going to be user-defined, and to write classes and objects in an object-oriented method. This will help you in effective and efficient code making. The topic covered includes an introduction and defining classes in Python programming language, instance methods, initializers, static methods, private methods, and inheritance, apart from others.

Master Best Practices

Master the knowledge and best practices of Python Programming language. Equip yourself with the best set of skills.

Real-world Applications of Python

It is an all-purpose programming language; therefore, it has a lot to offer to the field of IT. Utilizing Python for Rapid Application Development is proven to reap lucrative outputs. It is, especially so because of the data structure of the language. It is a choice of most of the developers due to the Python Interpreter and the libraries.

Elimination of the compilation procedure in Python allows it to improve productivity and renders time efficiency. Owing to attributes like simple syntax and easy readability, it is easy to understand and execute. Its programming approach is object-oriented. It also reduces the cost of maintenance.

After ascertaining the scope of learning, let’s get to know, 4 of the top applications of Python in the real world.

  • Web Application Development uses the language extensively. Python offers configurations that ensure uninterrupted communication amongst protocols, interfaces, etc.
  • Since Python has several libraries like Matplotlib, Pandas, Scipy, the language is used immensely for the purposes of academic research.
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI) based application is powered using Python as it provides with a smooth user interface. It is also applied for developing a desktop application. The language also has a GUI library
  • Business and Enterprise Applications use Python because of many benefits like the easily readable syntax, or its ability to integrate with other technologies.

Python has a wide number of applications, which is the reason why it is used at a large scale by some of the most lucrative, reputed, and successful businesses. To name a few IT giants that utilize the benefits of the language are Amazon, Spotify, Reddit, and Instagram.

Benefits in a nutshell

  • Easy to learn.
  • Low maintenance cost.
  • Maximizes productivity.
  • Features extensive support libraries.
  • An interactive Python Shell feature helps you in coding.
  • Highly compatible with other technologies.
  • Beginner-friendly.


Python Certification Most Favored Open-Source Programming Language

The use of Python was restricted to scientific computing and highly quantitative domains like finance, physics, oil and gas, signal processing, etc. for a long period of time. However, now it is gaining worldwide acceptance across all domains, especially in Data Science. Python is a high level, easy and object-oriented programming language which contains dynamic semantics. Organizations across the globe prefer candidates with the knowledge of Python due to its widespread application and countless benefits. You can be sure of never going out of demand in the IT industry on a global scale. The personal growth and expertise it has to offer to an individual are immense. Python is used by PlayStation, Solaris, Linux, Macintosh and a lot of other leading platforms. The knowledge of Python programming language is a must for every professional that belongs to the field of Information Technology.

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