5 Reasons Why You Should Clean Inactive Instagram Followers AND How to Do It Stress-Free

When you are just starting to build your Instagram brand, it is tempting to get followers in any way you can, without regard for their level of genuine interest in your products. The pressure to get your account off the ground is understandable. Instagram’s algorithm is based on established popularity. In order to be seen by users, your account needs to be followed by users. So buying followers, or using a ton of hashtags that may or may not be relevant to your target audience, can seem like a good way to get your brand in front of more people.

While this tactic may appear a reasonable workaround to Instagram’s algorithm, it may actually be damaging your account. If you are not getting the engagement or views you are looking for, it is time to clean out followers that are not actively participating in the community your brand wants to build.

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clean inactive instagram followers

5 Reasons You Need to Get Rid of Inactive Instagram Followers

1. Inactive Instagram Followers Damage Your Metrics

As you likely already know, Instagram’s algorithm is complicated. Your engagement rate is a huge factor in how many users see your posts. The number of users who see your posts will, in turn, affect your engagement rate. You want to aim for around a three percent engagement rate, but anything lower than one percent sends major red flags and can negatively affect who gets to see your content. Here is Instagram post idea for better engagement.

2. Don’t Get You Account Penalized

Instagram has gotten good at spotting bots and fake accounts. It is technically against Instagram’s community guidelines to use services that provide likes and followers through these types of accounts. You put your own account at risk when you have too many of these followers. Additionally, you run the risk of making Instagram think you are a fake account or bot if your engagement drops below one percent. When this happens, Instagram will shut your account down, no questions asked.

3. Your Real Followers Know When You’re Being Fake

The Instagram community is highly engaged. More so than most other social media platforms. Your followers can see if you suddenly have a million followers when you had a few hundred the day before. In addition to that, they will notice if you have a lot of followers but very few likes and comments. This is not an attractive look for anyone trying to build brand loyalty.

4. Let’s Revisit Probabilities

In addition to Instagram sending your posts to fewer people’s feeds, the feeds that do receive your posts are less likely to be active, interested followers. It’s a bit like putting your content into a bottle and throwing that bottle into the ocean. Here, the Instagram repost app can help you.

5. Instagram Will Think Your Content Stinks

Don’t make Instagram think your content is terrible. Get rid of your inactive followers because when no one responds to your content, Instagram thinks that it is not worth seeing. We all know this is not true, but in order for Instagram to know, you’ve gotta show some numbers. Increasing your engagement ratio will let Instagram know your content has value and, therefore, more people will see it. Because you got rid of inactive followers, this means that the right people (the ones who want to spend money on your product/service/whatever) will see it.

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Cleaning Out Followers Stress-Free

The thought of cleaning out your inactive followers can be stress-inducing, but if you do not yet have a huge following, it may be easier than you think. It is simply a matter of hitting the remove button for anyone who does not comment on or like any of your posts.

If you have a larger following, it may be a challenge to track who is active and who is not, so this may be a job better suited for an app to assist in the task. There are apps that will automatically detect and delete inactive followers, but this may make you nervous as well.

Maybe you personally know some of your followers, and you can forgive them for their inactivity. Or maybe you have newer followers, and you want to give them a chance to engage. There are also apps that will help you avoid a wholesale cleansing of inactive followers and instead allow you to pick and choose who you want to keep and who to delete.

Final Thoughts

Instagram has some of the most engaged users on the internet, and they are enthusiastic about brand loyalty. You are wasting your time and energy if you do not effectively target your audience. Take the time to create quality content, reach your audience in a focused manner, and watch your engagement grow right along with your following. Instagram’s algorithm is sure to pick up on the change and start getting you in front of more and more of the right people for your brand.