How to Become Popular on Instagram?

Being famous is one of those things everyone wishes for, but very few people say out loud. It goes without saying; you should be popular for all the right reasons. Maybe because people love the way you do your hair or all your cute tops, maybe even the weird way you end your laughs. Instagram is one of those platforms where being popular is a pretty big deal. It takes a lot to have many followers who always check out your videos and like your content. It doesn’t just feel nice to receive all that love, but it pays, literally pays real money for endorsements and stuff like that.

So how do you do it? First of all, you don’t just wake up one morning and tada! You’re a superstar. It takes some work and frankly smart moves to get yourself to the popular league on Instagram. Here is how to get 50 followers on Instagram and keep them coming.

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How to become popular on instagram

Tell us what’s hot and what’s not

To become popular on Instagram, and many other social media platforms, you need to be updated on current issues and trendy topics. Your timeline and stories must reflect your knowledge of current affairs and important matters. Don’t just post something because it’s all the rage. Tailor trendy topics to suit your content. Show your audience that you can incorporate new and exciting topics into your content. However, don’t just sit around and wait for other people to come up with trendy things to do and places to go. You might as well come up with a fad of your own and gain more popularity. Trendsetters become popular fast because they seem to be unique out of the box thinkers. Aspire to create a fun, lovable trend for more followers and likes on Instagram.

Deliver quality content

Deliver quality content on Instagram

You should aim to put out videos and photos that are well taken and well developed. Do not underestimate the influence quality has on popularity. You might have the best angles of the most beautiful places in the most stunning moments, but none of that matters if the quality is poor. Bright, crisp images and videos attract many people. They want to see more of what you have to offer. You don’t need an expensive camera to take a great picture. A smartphone will do just fine. With the right technique and lighting, you could deliver a quality picture after picture that will have followers come running.

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Offer a breath of fresh air

Offer a breath of fresh air

People who gain popularity fast are often those who come up with new captivating content. Borrowing a few ideas here and there isn’t a bad thing. In fact, I would highly recommend it. However, you should try to be your own person and produce content that keeps people interested. Copying what other people have done might not make you as popular as you what to be. In fact, many people prefer to follow more authentic ideas on Instagram than they do fabricated personalities.

Do not abuse those hashtags

Have you ever seen a post with so many hashtags, you forgot what the picture looks like? Using hashtags wisely is one thing, but there is a fine line between smart hashtagging and overkill. The point of the hashtag is to get you on a popularity wave. It is crucial that you select few, yet appropriate choices that will make your post visible. If you’re not sure what to hashtag, you can search for tags with medium popularity tags that go with your photo and combine those to make a popular post. Tried that already, why don’t you tag the type of photo, the mood surrounding it and one weird item inside the picture. It might seem weird, but it is an effective way to make hashtags work for you.

Post regularly

Post regularly on Instagram
Consistency is one excellent way to get noticed on Instagram. Be smart about your content and timing. Making a popular post is not just luck; its math! Find the time when majority of people use Instagram and mold your content to match what people want to see at that time. This will increase the chances of them viewing your post, and recommending it to their friends who recommend it to their friends and so forth. This domino effect is what you want on every post to get you more followers and popularize your posts.

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Monotony does not look good on you

Spice up your content. One note posts get very dull very fast and guess what, boring isn’t popular. This doesn’t mean you have to copy other people, THAT IS NOT WHAT I AM SAYING. Spicing things up means to stay true to you while improving on the content you have. For example, say you want to be a popular shoe figure on Instagram, the same pair of sneakers in the same post will not do anything for you, instead find other poses for your shoes, different colors and maybe one in a while a different shoe. Make your followers wonder: so that’s what your little toe looks likes like. It is a delicate balance, but it pays off.

Haters’ gon hate


negative comment on instagram

Now, you’ve gotten a couple of followers, and you’re getting popular, and you see a negative comment on your post. First of all, try and decode what the viewer is trying to tell you. It might be an important criticism to help you better the quality of your posts, or it might be straight up Bs. Do not get caught up in the negativity. Instead, use it to better yourself and make the necessary changes to attract even more people. Accept that everyone is entitled to an opinion; that doesn’t make them right, and some people take advantage of this fact. Try and balance your reaction to these kinds of responses. If you must respond, remain poised and mature about things and make them see your opinion without insulting them or stooping to shady levels.

Instagram is a hot spot for many people to connect and engage. Being popular there might take some work, but it is totally worth it.

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