Guide to Buying a Cocktail Dress Online

Parties are so exciting. But with the excitement comes stress; what to wear, what shoes to match, how to accessorize, and more so when the invitation to a party mentions cocktail attire. You open the closet and realize all your cocktail dresses are worn and you can’t possibly repeat a dress to an event where your friends and family have already seen a dress! It is truly a very stressful situation.

Such a situation reminds a scene from the famous film, Pretty Woman featuring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere. On her first shopping trip, she required a cocktail dress for the evening. After humiliating failure, hotel manager Barney arranges her to buy one from the women’s fashion department. That is a cocktail dress, and if you think that it is expensive, then worry not! Because JJ’s House offers cheap and affordable cocktail dresses and you will be spoiled for choices!

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Guide to Buying a Cocktail Dress Online

Basic Dos and Don’ts of a Cocktail Dress

Cocktail dresses must be simple at all costs. Even plus size cocktail dresses that require a lot of attention must be kept as simple and clutter free as possible. Here are some pointers that you need to keep in mind. The dress must finish just above the knee so that the focus is on the lean part of your leg. Simple, geometric cuts are recommended.

Cocktail dresses with asymmetric hemlines and ruffles can also be fun, but then while accessorizing you must keep it to a minimum. Plain and solid color cocktail dresses can feature flashy belts and statement necklaces. It can add a very unique touch to the whole outfit. If the dress has lace, you don’t need much. This is because lace in itself is an embellished fabric, just a simple clutch and a shoe is enough to complete the look.

While purchasing a cocktail dress remember that it is not for sexy events, so avoid any dress that is too revealing. Never wear a gown; most people end up wearing gowns in parties, which is a major turn off, especially in cocktail events. Keep the makeup simple and not theatrical!

Lastly, in case you are confused regarding what to buy, simply ask the shopping assistant for a cocktail dress and he or she might point to some gorgeous ones. However, if you buy online, JJ’s House features mainly cocktail dresses even plus size cocktail dresses, with a great fit. Buy two or three in case you are confused and see how each cut suits the shape of your body.

Concluding Tips

Choosing a black, nude or neutral hue is always the safest option. If you are daring red can be very attractive! But pastel shades often create a sense of sophistication and elegance. It all depends on what kind of image you want people to get. Shoes should always compliment the dress. In most cases it is either a sandal or a pump. Also, avoid hats, unless you are going to a racing event. They can often seem over the top in an indoor cocktail party!

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