Things That You Should Need to Know About Tudor Watches

Now a day people are going towards the brand of Swiss watches that is Tudor. This is one of the hottest and stylish watches that you can get in the market. The company of this watch recently announced a global fashion icon as well as the football legend David Beckham as a brand ambassador of their ongoing campaign known as “born to dare”. Tudor is one of the popular brands about whom people are talking too much these days. This company was founded in 1946.

The idea behind the foundation of this company is that the Hans Wilsdorf who is the creator of Rolex really wanted to launch a new brand of watches that could provide the reliability as well as the precision of a Rolex timepiece but at a reasonable price. This idea was hit the association of the Tudor watch with Rolex provides it great credibility. At the same time, the company started to invest in the technical development of it just like, self-winding movement adoption as well as its case of the waterproof oyster. With the passage of time, the design of these watches was updated with new technologies. Here we are going to tell you some important things that are important to know about the Tudor watches for men.

Tudor Watches

Consist On Swiss ETA Movement:

This is one of the simplest ways for people who really want to understand the difference between both Rolex and Tudor watches. The Rolex watches consist of the movement which is produced by the Rolex in the house. You will not found this feature in any other watches which is outside of it. Where in the Tudor you will find that they consist of a movement from Swiss movement maker which is known as Swiss ETA movement. This is owned by Swatch Group, The Eta will provide a great movement which is supplied to a great range of companies. The movement of Rolex is a little bit more exclusive and accurate, while if you will come towards Tudor Watches there ETA movements are high quality and reliable as well but it can be found more commonly.

Recently Returned In The Market Of US And UK:

After the absence of longtime, these watches are finally returned in the watch markets of the United Kingdom and the United States. All the generation who love to wear these watches has experienced their growth as their best consumers in the market without having the awareness of Tudor brand. It is not clear yet that what is the main reason due to which this brand left these markets, but it is suspected that this decision was tactical which is taken by its parent company “Rolex”. In UK and USA once again with the Tudor, the brand is experiencing great popularity.

Provide The Best Case In The Great Range Of Price:

These watches are also famous because of providing a high-quality case in great and reasonable prices. The components of Tudor watches were produced with the components and parts of many Rolex watches. It means that the manufacturer was used the same excellent and unique machinery to produced the finest parts as well as the case of the watch in the market. The case of each Tudor watches was produced by the Rolex in the house that is made up of high quality that you can get at a reasonable price. Moreover, aside from the movement of the watch, most of the components were used and parts were manufactured by using the same high-quality machinery and high standard of production which was used for the Rolex watches. It provides the main edge of these timepieces over the competitor of similar prices but bit low-quality watches.

For Younger Sports Inspired Watch:

This is one of the most powerful things about them is that for the youngster these watches are historical sports inspired and a great adventure as well? The most modern watches of the Tudor encapsulates with both brands which are relating it to its past designs. It provides the youngster with an active lifestyle. This is one of the best productions of this company that combine both casual fun of a great sports watch with some timeless and classic design. The younger can get more colors and designs in these watches.

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