Combat in Spellbreak: Win More Fights

Spellbreak is simply adventurous. It is pretty different from other third-person shooter games because it replaced guns with magical gauntlets. You can wield different kinds of gauntlets to control elements such as air, poison, fire, earth, lightning, etc.

But even with all these mystical powers available to fight the enemies, you still need strategies and tricks to win more fights. For instance, you need to know your gauntlet’s range, manage your sorceries well, and understand how to use your Talents well.

So, this article will focus on equipping you with simple strategies to win more fights in Spellbreak.

Combat in Spellbreak

Practical Strategies to Win More Fights on Spellbreak

1. Understand and Choose your Gauntlets Right

There are six Gauntlets in Spellbreak, Frost, Lightning, Fire, Toxic, Stone, and Wind Gauntlets. Each of these Gauntlets represents one element that offers the Spells and Sorceries, which you can use against your enemies. If you want to win more fights, try to understand the mechanics behind their operations to utilize them on the battleground.

For instance, Stone should be your choice for close-range attacks. Fire is good at mid-range attacks. Lightening does the worst damages at both mid-range and long-range attacks, while Frost is deadliest at a sniper range. If you don’t understand how these weapons work, how would you win fights with them?

This game doesn’t equip players with guns but with magical powers. So, try to know them and how you can combine them for the class you want to play.

2. Choose the best Talents and Runes.

There are three Talents available for every match. There are Talents for Body, Mind, and Spirit. But during the game, you can unlock an additional four to make it a total of 15 Talents. Since Talents cost you points, you need to pick the best.

For Mind Talents, go with Runic Fluency to get an extra Rune charge and lower cooldown. You can also consider Harmony Talent when playing Toxicology or Stoneshaper. For Body Talent, go with Scavenging Talent to restore health & armor or use Fervor Talent when playing Frostborn. As for Spirit talents, we’ll recommend Thirsty first, then consider Recovery and Recklessness as alternatives.

Also, if you want to win more fights, we recommend you choose Dash and Springstep Runes. These Runes help you to reposition faster to avoid your enemy’s attacks. You can also rely on them to enhance your speed while returning fire on the enemies or chasing them.

3. Identify your Enemy’s Gauntlets Quickly

As you’re choosing your Gauntlets, your enemies also did the same. This means that you need to know what they’re using to attack you and then mete out a counterattack. For instance, if the enemy attacks you with Stone Gauntlet, move to buildings, sky, or cliffs and fight from there. If you notice that the enemy has Ice Lance, close off the distance immediately to weaken the attack’s success.

Make sure you use strategies that render your enemy’s Gauntlets useless during an attack. For Toxic and Wind Gauntlets, avoid buildings and tight spaces. If the enemy has Frost and Stone, don’t expose yourself to wide-open spaces, or you’re gone.

4. Aim your Sorceries Right

Sorceries on Spellbreak help you to win more fights. You can use them to lock down an enemy, achieve a defensive position or even wreck unimaginable damages. So, try not to waste any of them by aiming to miss. Always make sure you aim to hit the target.

You have Sorceries such as Toxic Cloud, Lightening, Flamewall, Strike, and Boulderfall. Missing a Boulderfall aim is a loss of 50 damages. So, before you too any of them, take a little time to predict how the enemy will move or wait until they’ve expended their mana before striking them.

More importantly, it is better to minimize the way you use your Sorceries. Always wait at the right time or when the going is tough to use them. Each Sorcery has its good time to be effective, and if you follow it, you’ll win more fights.

5. Flying and Fighting is the Bomb

If you’re bent on winning more fights, always fly & fight than shooting on the battleground. The best way to achieve this is through the Dash & Springstep Runes. So, from the start, pay attention to how to use the two weapons.

Another important aspect is to estimate your landing when you leave the ground. To arrive at the spot you aim, press forward so you can fall a bit faster. Once you get to where you aim to land, stop pressing yourself forward and look around to know if enemies are dropping too close for comfort.


Spellbreak battle can be chaotic, confusing, and challenging. To win the game, you must equip yourself with several hacks, tips, and tricks to outsmart your enemies. We’ve shared some of the critical ones here, aiming to make a winner out of you. But if you’re searching for more that makes it even simpler, get the hacks and Spellbreak cheats developed by Battlelog. If you combine all these tools, you won’t have to Run from the battleground.

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