AppVN APK : Appvn APK Download v6.45a for Android and PC (UPDATED)

Download AppVN APK

Appvn is an app store that includes hundreds of thousands of games and apps you may avail on the official Google Play store. It is a well-known third-party app store where one can easily look for their favorite apps for rooted device that are not offered on Play Store. This application is designed to work just like TutuApp.

AppVn Store for Android includes a lot of free apps that can be used across platforms. You can download free apps for various operating systems like iOS, Android and Windows. To use this application, keep in mind that it needs a rooted device. To root device, we recommend Freedom apk, Creehack apk, Cheatengine apk, Root Explorer, Framaroot, KingRoot, Spotify or SuperSU.


Key Features of Appvn APK

  • Unlike various third-party stores, Download Appvn APK to update the latest apps and games
  • You can download a lot of paid apps for free and save money. You can get a lot of popular paid apps in this store.
  • It comes with a well-known search bar to enter the app you want and look for the app faster and save a lot of time.
  • Very simple to use.
  • It features the latest apps and games just after they are launched in the market, sometimes even earlier before the latest version is launched online.
  • It has apps for both iOS and Android and it works on both without any error.

How to Download Appvn APK?

  • Download the Appvn Apk latest version v6.45a from the official website.
  • Find the apk file on your device and install the same to your device.
  • Open the Appvn app on the device
  • Use search box and find the apps you want
  • Install the apps you need on your device for free from the app store
  • Now you can continue enjoying the free apps

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How to Configure Appvn?

Change Default Language

Appvn developers are usually based in Vietnam. So, this app is available only in two languages – English and Tieng Viet (Vietnam). Tieng Viet is a foreign language that is set by default when you initially open the app. To change the language settings, tap sidebar and scroll down. You might get something written like Cai dat (Settings).

Tap on it to open. Scroll down to the option Cai dat ngon ngu (Set Language) and open it. Change the language to English and go back to the home screen.

Log in/Sign up

You will be required to sign up to Appvn if you are a new user or login if you are an existing user. Sign up is a very simple process. It won’t take any time. All you have to add the information about yourself. You can also sign up with Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ to make the login process smoother and faster.

Downloading Paid App

Launch Google Play and look for the paid app. Click the app and go to the share option. Tap on it and you will get various share options. Go for Appvn v6.45a. You will get the paid app and it will start downloading. You can install the app once it is downloaded. It needs root-access for the auto-install feature.

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