Apple iPhone 8 Set to be Launched with Redesigned Fingerprint Scanner in September?

There has been no dearth of news and updates related to the new handsets Apple iPhone 8 that are expected to be launched before the setting in of the year 2018. With a long way to go before 2018, we are expecting that most of the smartphone developers will come up their flagship devices at some point in time this year. Also the lately concluded Mobile world Congress (MWC) 2017 gave the world of technology a handful of new smartphones. And there is a lot which still is waiting in the pipeline to be released in the course of this calendar year.

Apple iPhone 8

Among the big ones, we have the flagship device from the house of Apple. Rumors have been flowing in from innumerable sources regarding the estimated features for the next generation smartphone from Apple. Not that the all that have come up are rumors, but mostly these are speculations. But often there is news which has provided some concrete news regarding the Apple iPhone although there is no certification of the authority of the smartphone developer on the claims that are made by the news reporters or the leaksters.

However, the latest one that has surfaced lately has presented a real case for itself to be believed that this might become one of the features of the Apple iPhone 8. Along with it has come with some crucial news regarding the date on which the smartphone is expected to be launched by its developer.

Before going into the estimated feature which the latest report deals, let’s take a glimpse at the probable release date of the Apple iPhone 8. Till now, most of the speculations have stated that the smartphone will be unveiled in the month of September. In fact, that has been one of the trends that Apple has followed in the recent past. But the latest news has revealed something that might convince one about the fact that the smartphone might not be ready to be launched in the month of September this year. It will perhaps be in the last three months of the year that we will come across the successor of the Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. This is because of the fact that the smartphone is expected to sport an OLED display and the production of the particular technology might not kick off before the month of September which will quite naturally postpone the launch of the Apple iPhone 8. Therefore the chances of a late release of the updated Apple iPhone 8 get a real boost which might disappoint few fans who are eagerly waiting for the release of the smartphone.

As we move on to the feature of the smartphone which is in the news recently, it should be stated this one is also one of the speculations, and it might not turn out to be true when the smartphone eventually releases. It states that the Fingerprint scanner is going to be redesigned and the technology will be developed by the in-house Authentec algorithm with Privaris glass identification technology incorporated in it.

But again, all depends on what the authority says when it comes to the specifications of the Apple iPhone. And to get a view of that, we need to wait for the smartphone to be rolled out on the market.

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