How to Access Blocked Websites?

Many times we get error access denied while accessing the website. So this article will help you to access blocked websites from your IP address.

This error happens because our IP got restrictor band for some website and we can’t able to check or see a website which we want to check. So in this article, we are going to show you how you can access blocked websites with different tricks.

Access Blocked Websites

Access Blocked Websites Trick

The internet has been made accessible to all the people around the world for free. However, with a number of security issues and violations of constitutional rights, Governments across the globe try to put restriction upon websites in use. Some of these bans might be temporary in nature while others might be permanent. However, given the circumstances, you won’t be able to access blocked websites.

While the government can try its level best to curtail the use of a number of websites, a person with a decent amount of knowledge can still manage to access them nonetheless. Today, we are going to tell you the best ways on how to access blocked websites.

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Using Proxy Websites

Most of the inaccessible websites are made so by restricting their usage at a particular location. To access such blocked websites, all you need to do is make use of a number of proxy websites available across the internet for free. These proxy websites manage to play the role of a moderator between the user and the website you want to access. The proxy websites help to bypass your blocked ISP and provide you access to blocked domains. Some of the best Proxy websites include:


Using VPN

A VPN is a Virtual Proxy Network which works to provide you with a secure method to connect your device to another network on the internet. It makes use of different IP addresses from all over the world to allow you to access blocked websites. You can find a plethora of free VPN services on the internet to give you an uninterrupted Internet usage without any blocked websites. Some of the best VPN packages you can use are:

  • Windscribe
  • IPVanish
  • ShadeYouVPN
  • NordVPN

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Changing Network Settings in your Browser

It is not very uncommon for institutions or agencies to set up multiple proxies on its network. Therefore, you can easily check on other computers in your college or school to access blocked websites. If only one proxy is setup, you can bypass the proxy by disabling the proxy network settings on the web browser. All you need to access the networks option in the settings tab of the browser and select the no proxy use option to remove proxy settings.

Using IP Address instead of URLs

Most of the times, the list of blocked websites is added as a set of multiple URLs instead of blocking it through their IP Address. You can give it a try to access these websites using their IP Address. In order to do so, run the Command Prompt on your computer with Administrator Privileges and type-in “ping” and press the Enter button. Website name is the complete URL of the website you are trying to access. The CMD will return an IP address which you can enter on the address bar of your web browser and access the website.

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Bypassing Proxies using Extensions

Next up in our article on how to access blocked websites, you can try to bypass the restrictions using a number of browser supported Extensions. If the inaccessible websites are dynamic in nature, then you can easily bypass those using extensions. Dynamic websites include the likes of YouTube, Facebook and more. The best working extensions to access these websites include:

  • ProxMate
  • Hola

Recasting URLs

There are few instances where you will find that blocked websites are available in VPN but do not have a verified SSL installed. These websites can be easily accessed by changing the URL you enter in the address bar of the web browser from or to The addition of an extra ‘s’ to the end of http indicates a change in security settings.

Using Wayback Machine

If you are looking for the answer to the question how to access blocked websites then using a wayback machine can be an awesome way. You can also use wayback machine alternative. Usually, a Wayback Machine keeps a copy of almost every website present on the internet stored in its archives. It manages to store different versions of a website and allows you to access even the earlier versions of the website. You can easily search for the previous version of the website which you can easily access from your computer.

Replacing you DNS Server

Replacing the DNS Server settings on the computer can also help to access blocked websites. A Domain Name System allows you to convert the domain names into their corresponding IP Address. This method allows you to change the DNS Server points from the ones given by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to that of OpenDNS or Google DNS which provides you with unrestricted Internet access. Additionally, changing your DNS Server settings can also allow you to substantially increase your Internet Browsing Speed.

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Using RSS Feeds

The development of RSS Feed readers has allowed users to get and read fresh online content with extreme ease. A RSS reader allows you to get the feed even from a blocked website and add it to your collection. While most websites have RSS feeds available, some of them are also made without them. No need to fret over it as anumber of websites and online services allow you to create the feed for such websites.

Using Google Translate

While it is not one of the most popular methods to get access to blocked websites, many people have still find this method to be highly useful. You can easily convert a blocked website from your native country’s language to another language that you may know. You can also do this exercise by using the Bing’s Translation Service provided by Microsoft if Google Translate is also banned in your country.

The Last Words

The above mentioned methods in our article of how to access blocked websites are some of the easiest yet most effective methods present to provide people access to the blocked online content. These blocked websites might be limited to a specific region and changing your IP Address or using a proxy is the best way to overcome that problem.