Xiaomi MIUI 9 Features, Release Date, Eligible Devices for Update

Welcome to all of you again on our blog and we would like to tell you that today this post is solely crafted on Xiaomi MIUI 9 features, MIUI 9 Update, as well as we will also share all Xiaomi smartphones which will get latest Miui 9 update.

Since very long period xiaomi core team of designers and developers working on Miui 9 which is new User Interface for all xiaomi smartphones which works with Android OS.

Xiaomi MIUI 9 – Latest Update for Xiaomi Smartphones

They always come with latest technologies and cool features just like Miui 8 where you can run two Facebook, Whatsapp and any other app which based on account purpose can run two times in the Miui 8.

And this is why people love Xiaomi for awesome innovations, so what will be unique in Miui 9 this time? Well, the wait is now OVER because today 26/7/2017 Xiaomi officially release the Miui 9 update to their selected devices worldwide via OTP (Over the Air).

Some techy Xiaomi users already Download Xiaomi MiUi 9 Beta version and already set their hands on the latest miui 9, but if you are not one of them then don’t need to worry about because we will explain to you how you can also update your xiaomi device if your phone is matched with the list of xiaomi phone for miui 9.

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Xiaomi MIUI 9 Release Date [WorldWide]

It doesn’t matter from which country you are from because today on July 26, 2017, Xiaomi releasing Miui 9 update to their some high end and mid-range smartphones. They already launched their Miui 9 beta version in Mar-April at the time of launching the flagship Xiaomi Mi6.

Xiaomi MIUI 9 with Android 7.0 Nougat

Google officially released Android 7.0 Nougat last year on 22 August 2016 first to its Nexus Smartphone series and after that all smartphone maker start contacting Google to get latest software update to their devices and Xiaomi has always win to arrange latest updates and every xiaomi users knows that it is no way behind in upgrading all xiaomi smartphones with latest updates just like Nougat.

Xiaomi official hasn’t released the Nougat android update their devices but according to rumors Xiaomi designed miui 9 according to Google upcoming updates so whenever they release nougat update Miui 9 will compatible their settings with the latest Android update.

Recently one Chinese website called Weibo share one screenshot of Miui 9 but they do not share any features information but YES it is definitely a screenshot of MIUI9.

With this there is one more update could be seen on MIUI Forum where some officials share a list of MIUI 9 eligible devices.

Don’t worry we will share this list in this post later, you need to keep updating yourself about miui 9 so keep reading for update your knowledge.

Let’s move to the next segment of this post, MIUI 9 features:

Xiaomi MIUI 9 Features

These latest updates of MiUi 9 will enhance the performance of all xiaomi smartphones with the help of MIUI 9. Till this date, we have tried to find out all possible features for you so before upgrading your devices you will know what kind of changes you will see in your Xiaomi devices.

Below we have listed all possible features of Xiaomi MiUi 9:

  • Multi-Windows Support
  • Quick Reply from Notifications Bar
  • Optimization Mode
  • RAM Optimization
  • Improved Data Saver
  • VPN (Always-on) Feature
  • Dual Space Feature
  • Dual Apps

All Features are described below briefly so you can understand how these feature works do.

MIUI 9 Multi Window Feature

Later all Samsung users used this kind of feature in their smartphones but now all xiaomi users will able to use two apps simultaneously. With this feature, you can increase your productivity as well as you can enjoy two apps at the same time in all Xiaomi devices.

Sometimes we need to check about something on both search engines Google and Youtube and now it is possible with MiUi 9 latest features called Multi-Window.

Quick Reply from Notification Bar in MiUi 9

It is also another time-saving feature from MiUi9 update, you can now save your some important seconds because for short messages like ok, I will get back to you, and I am on my way kind of messages can be sent via your notification bar itself.

Xiaomi MIUI 9 Optimized Doze Mode

This feature is specially designed for improving battery life of all xiaomi devices. It will help apps to maintain their uptime and it will automatically kill unused apps which continually running in the background.

Ram Optimization in MiUi 9

Now your xiaomi smartphones will use minimal RAM memory to run apps and system of the phone. So in short with this feature, your xiaomi device will run faster than before.

Data Saving Mode

While using the internet some apps running in the background and consuming your internet data, which will decrease your data limit very fast and this time Xiaomi developers provide this feature in Miui9 so your data will be only used on your desired apps.

VPN – Always on Mode

It will show up the rejected calls in the notification bar to memorize you which number was rejected by you.

Call Screening Feature

It is working as TrueCaller, it helps you to block unwanted callers and numbers, so with this feature, your life will easy from Annoying calls.

Dual Space Feature

It can be counted as Best Feature of Xiaomi MiUi 9 latest update. With the help of this feature, you can manage two accounts on your xiaomi device and manage two types of apps separately. It will help the business man and women kind of users because they can set their official apps on the separate section and personal apps in a separate section.

MiUi 9 Dual Apps

It is a major part of dual space feature and you can use two WhatsApp accounts at the same time without any issue.

Xiaomi’s list of smartphones Getting MIUI 9 Update

The MIUI 9 update will be rolled out to Mi 5S Plus, Mi 5C, Mi 5S, Mi 4S, Mi 4, Mi 4C, Mi 3, Mi 2, Mi 2S, Mi Mix, Mi Max 2, Mi Max, Mi Note 2, Mi Note, Mi Pad 2 and Mi Pad devices. In the Redmi series, the MIUI 9 is expected to hit Redmi Pro, Redmi Note 4X, Redmi Note 4, Redmi Note 2, first generation Redmi Note, Redmi 4X, Redmi 4A, Redmi 4, Redmi 3S, Redmi 3S Plus, Redmi 3X, Redmi 3, Redmi 2A, Redmi 2, Redmi 1S and the first generation Redmi smartphone.

Final Conclusion:

We hope you find this post useful and if it helps you to grab some knowledge about Xiaomi MiUi 9 updates, features and list of smartphone which will get xiaomi miui 9. Don’t forget to give it a share to help all of your friends who own Xiaomi devices.