Xiaomi Mi 6 Review – A New Beginning

Xiaomi Mi 6 Review

Xiaomi has been killing it in the smartphone industry with impressive and high performance smartphones for all budget categories. With its extremely customizable MiUi, Xiaomi’s customers are finding it hard to switch to any other brand in the smartphone industry. Xiaomi’s new flagship – Xiaomi Mi 6 is taking the game to the next level by offering premium design with a curved metal and glass body, dual camera with 2x zoom and a snapdragon 835. This flagship phone is strongly competing with the higher end flagships like the Samsung Galaxy S9, LG G6, and HTC U11 etc. The Chinese company claims that they invested seven years in making this smartphone and well, it’s definitely worth the hype. With so many websites offering lengthy and complicated reviews, we’re here with a more compact review that you’ve been looking for. With all the essential details that you need to know, read along to check out our review on the Xiaomi Mi 6 review – A new beginning:

xiaomi mi 6 review

Inside the box:

In the box the Xiaomi Mi 6 comes with Quick Charge 3.0-enabled charger plug and a USB Type-C cable. They also provide a silicone case and a USB-to-3.5mm analog adapter as an extra for the Mi 6 as there is no audio jack. The Mi6 dared to make an iPhone-like move by skipping the standard 3.5mm audio jack but has given its users the option to attach earphones if they like to the analog adapter that comes in the box.


The Xiaomi Mi 6 comes with a ceramic housing as well as glass body. Just like the Mi5, the Mi6 comes with lightweight glass sandwich design with both sides covered with Gorilla Glass 5. The curve flows seamlessly around the edge and continues naturally on the corners instead of ending abruptly into the frame. The glass and frame makes the phone slippery and also attracts more dust and finger print prone, but it’s very easy to clean, even with a bare hand. The metal rims are reserved for the camera and the Ceramic Edition would have 18-karat gold rims. Overall the phone grabs extra points for its stylish appearance.


The Xiaomi Mi 6 has a 5.15″ IPS LCD with 1080p FHD resolution. 428ppi pixel density is great and provides a very sharp image. The LCD panels Xiaomi uses are some of the best currently available, boasting excellent brightness and color accuracy. There is a Reading mode which removes the blue hues in line with recent trends as they potentially interfere with your sleep quality when you use the device just before bedtime, you could also enable this mode on selected apps. One issue with the display is the lack of polarization, which means if you are using your phone in the outdoors, you might not be able to see much of the screen clearly.


The Mi 6 runs on the Qualcomms latest chipset (835) and works exceptionally well for everyday tasks. It packs an octa-core Kryo 280 processor (4×2.46GHz and 4×1.9GHz) and Adreno 540 GPU in the case of Mi 6. It smoothly renders heavy graphic games without any lag as the Adreno 540 as one of the best GPU on the mobile scene right now. The phone comes with 6GB of RAM as standard which seems to be the upcoming trend in all the phone – larger RAMs. This way you would not have to change your phone for quite a while making it future proof. The phone doesn’t have an expandable storage option but comes in 64GB and 128GB variants which are good enough for most people.

Battery life:

The battery lasts for almost a day, thanks to its 3,350mAh battery which is 150mAh more than that of the Mi 5s. The Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 3.0 lets you charge up to 50 percent in just around 45 minutes. The phone manages to last a day on a full charge, with usage spread across a few hours of web browsing, streaming music and videos, and navigation on cellular data. The battery is definitely long lasting and supports multiple activities for long hours without completely draining the charge.


The Mi 6 has joined the dual camera phones list by swapping its monochrome sensor with a telephoto one. The primary camera is close to the best cameras in the market and the telephoto lens offers 2x optical zoom. The primary camera is a 12-megapixel Sony sensor with f/1.8 lens, 1.25-micron pixels, and 4-axis OIS. The secondary 12MP camera has the Samsung sensor and an f/2.6 lens along with 1.0-micron pixels without the OIS. The Mi 6 takes detailed images in bright conditions and the dual camera makes the shots ever better.


Still wondering if you should buy it? It’s a definite “Yes” from us as we’re smitten by the feature packed Xiaomi Mi6.