8 WhatsApp Alternative Messaging Apps for Android in 2023

“What’s up”? A casual greeting word brought the invention of WhatsApp. It’s a promotion free mobile messaging android application that permits clients to exchange content and media messages through their Internet information or through Wi-Fi. Users don’t need to pay for SMS. When you begin using WhatsApp to connect with your companions, you’ll think about how you ever lived without it!! You will have a clean messaging experience free of cost. You can use it using a mobile app and also through a web link. It has been acquired by Facebook in 2014. Although WhatsApp has its own advantages but there are numerous messaging apps available for Android free of cost. There some alternative app like, gbwhatsapp, yowhatsapp and Whatsapp Plus.

In this article, we will be looking at the top popular WhatsApp alternative android apps.

Whataspp alternative


Best WhatsApp Alternative for Android

#1. Signal

signal alternative to whatsapp

Signal is a highly secured and encrypted messaging app which is recommended by Elon Musk as Whatsapp start spying on users personal data for marketing purpose.

Signal messaging apps is free messaging apps with video and audio calling features. Recently Signal to announce that users can do group calling up to 8 people.

It is the best alternative to WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, iMessage, and SMS.

The Signal app is available for Android, iPhone, and iPad devices. Its desktop version also available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. To join the Signal app all you need is a phone number. It’s free.


#2. LINE

Line Whatsapp Alternative Messaging Android App

Line is a free messaging app that was launched in Japan in 2011. It sends free one-on-one and group texts to your friends anytime, anywhere! It provides free international audio and video calls which make it easy for you to stay connected with your loved ones. It lets you share videos, photos, contacts, voice messages, and location update information in the moment from mobile. It is one of the best apps when it comes to features and looks. Currently, it has surpassed 700 million+ users. LINE also allows making video calls and voice calls to landline numbers as compared to WhatsApp.

#3. Viber

Viber Whatsapp Alternative Messaging Android App

Viber is a free messenger that keeps you associated with anybody in this world through your Internet connection. It sends an instant message to loved ones with Viber messenger. It conveys what needs to be with cool stickers and emoji symbols and share photographs and recordings. The free messenger likewise gives you a chance to make telephone calls for free – whether you need to make a quick voice call or see your companions with live video chat! It provides hassle free long distance calls, makes free voice or video call. The voice call clarity is better than WhatsApp.

#4. KiK

Kik Whatsapp Alternative Messaging Android App

Kik is the easiest way to connect with your friends. You can stay in touch with your friends all through chat. It allows a user to register using username instead of phone numbers. You can share pics, video, games and more. You can meet new friends with similar interests. Using Kik you can chat with bots too. Its messenger was modeled after Blackberry messenger. It allows a user to browse and share website content with friends without ever leaving the chat window. As it identifies user using usernames, app doesn’t share user’s phone numbers. Also check our previous post about download paid android apps for free.

#5. WeChat

Wechat Whatsapp Alternative Messaging Android App

WeChat is a messaging and calling application that permits you to effectively associate with family and companions crosswise over nations. It’s the multipurpose communication app for content (SMS/MMS), voice and video calls, Moments, photograph sharing, and games. You can make calls to landline and mobile around the world at low rates. It allows you to send video, image, text, and voice messages. It has the ability to live-stream content and shares it at the same time.

#6. Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messanger Whatsapp Alternative Messaging Android App

It is an instant messaging service which allows text chat and voice calls. It is available as in application integrated with Facebook web and also as an individual mobile app. You can also message people in your phone book and not just the Facebook friends. You can record videos and take selfies and send them to your friends with just one tap. More than 1 billion people are on Facebook messenger. Facebook Messenger has more advanced photo editing features than WhatsApp & also allows you to send more than 10 photos per message.

#7. Telegram

Telegram Whatsapp Alternative Messaging Android App

A lot of people think it is an Indian app but it’s not. It was launched in 2013 in Germany. It is a pure instant messaging app with over 100+ million active users in 2+ years. It provides synched devices option wherein you can start typing on phone and finish the message from your tablet or laptop. You will never lose your data in telegram. You can send unlimited files and media without worrying about their type and size. Your chat history will get stored on telegram cloud and not on your device memory. You can create group chats for up to 5,000 members, share large videos & documents.

#8. Hike

Hike Whatsapp Alternative Messaging Android App

Hike is an instant messaging service for phones used for texting, sending stickers, emoticons, images, videos, audios, voice messages, contacts, user location and more. It has some live filters and provides 5000+ free stickers. You can create groups with up to 1000 members. You can have conference voice calls with up to 100 people at once. It also has an offline chat facility.

Recently updated its two new features Whatsapp two step verification and Whatsapp video calling for android phone.


Folks, it’s up to you now which instant messaging android apps you want to use based on their feature list and which one suits you better. Please share your thoughts via the comment section below.