What Is The Profile Of The Administration Professional?

Before enrolling in a degree, it is also necessary to know if you have the appropriate profile to perform your professional activities with excellence.

Although the technical and theoretical knowledge gained during graduation is super important in your professional training, you also need some specific skills and characteristics so that you can really stand out as a good administrator. To know more about management skills, Zoe Talent Solutions.

We have listed below 12 competencies that every good management professional has. Continue reading and check it out!

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Administration Professional

1. Has ability with numbers:

Okay, this is basic. Although the profession of administrator covers various aspects related to knowledge of human behavior and relationships between people, the good professional of the area necessarily has affinity with numbers and calculations.

Already during graduation you will have many subjects related to this subject and, once graduated, you will have to master the subject so that you can manage excellence issues related to finance, financial planning, cash flow, financial investments, market analysis and economic indicators. That is, everything that is relevant and essential for the sound financial management of a company.

Of course, it is not mandatory to be an expert in the field of exact to be a good administrator, but if numbers are not your forte, try to study hard to improve in this area.

2. Is constantly learning and updating:

The survey carried out by the Federal Council of Administration mentioned above revealed that no less than 75.33% of the professionals in the area who answered the questionnaire online have some kind of specialization. More than that, all reported that they intend to continue their learning and updating in the various areas of the Administration.

This is because it is a fairly comprehensive course, some content and subjects are not covered in depth during graduation. Therefore, when choosing which area of the profession you wish to work in, it is imperative that you seek to know more about the subject, through postgraduate courses, MBAs and specializations. Believe me, the job market charges a lot.

In addition, because it is a very dynamic and fast-paced market, with many new features coming up at all times, the good Administrator must be always updated and in line with the new trends that appear. In that sense, participating in workshops, lectures, conferences and congresses in the area, whenever possible, is super important.

It is during these events that the main innovations of the sector are presented. In short, attending these meetings is a great way to expand your networking and learn about good opportunities.

3.Being communicative:

Often the administrator is hired by a company to coordinate and lead a team of employees. In this sense, knowing how to communicate clearly and properly is essential, is not it? In addition, on several occasions, the Administration professional is responsible for communicating between the various sectors and departments of a company, in order to align strategies and make everything flow as planned.

In addition, lectures, meetings and presentations of results and indicators are routine activities in the routine of an administrator. Therefore, being communicative is an essential characteristic of this professional.

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4. Can work in a team:

As we said in the item above, often the administrator is responsible for leading a team. In that case, knowing how to do it with excellence is critical. People who find it difficult to accept others’ ideas and listen carefully to what other team members have to say end up putting obstacles in the way that prevent the team from working well.

Likewise, not being able to delegate tasks and responsibilities, not praising and recognizing the work of members, and not knowing how to manage conflicts and overcome difficulties can cause all the work of the group to be harmed.

In order to work well as a team, you need good doses of girdle and flexibility, as well as high amounts of empathy (knowing how to put yourself in the other’s shoes and being able to understand your feelings and attitudes). People who are very authoritarian, demanding and who think that nobody is as good as themselves, definitely do not know how to work as a team.

Companies and organizations are the engines of growth and development of any country, therefore it is essential to have professionals capable of making decisions that generate social and economic value in a company or organization, through the study of the efficient management of human resources, financial and material of these, to achieve sustainability and fulfillment of objectives.

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Here is informative Infographic about Effective Management:

Effective Management Infographic
Effective Management Infographic

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