What is HR Software and Why is it Useful?

Managing a workplace full of different staff in different departments can come with plenty of difficulties. Keeping everyone happy, managing pay and hours and accommodating new members of staff is a tricky task that even the most experienced administrator can struggle with. Here HR Software can help you.

Human resources (HR) is something no aspiring business can do without, though. Without having something in place to process wages, contracts and other important areas such as workplace pensions, many companies would struggle to function. Most big companies would have an entire HR department to handle all that, but HR software can help small businesses.

Helping to take on the tasks that some employees can take for granted, HR software can make an administrator or office manager’s job less of a hassle. It can take on all sorts of duties which would otherwise take hours to complete.

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Managing Money

One of the best uses for HR software is managing payrolls. It can efficiently process payments to all employees, all while taking into account tax, National Insurance and company pension deductions. Speaking of money, it can also help with receiving payments from clients and even manage expenses such as travel tickets and receipts for entertaining customers.

A lot of what HR software can do is around management of employees’ pay and working patterns. It can quickly and accurately record any absences taken, either through illness or in the form of paid leave. Then, it can add up all the employees’ figures and calculate the cost to the business of employees’ days off.

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Reducing Paperwork

Using HR software reduces the amount of paperwork a company would otherwise have to handle. If just paper is used for, say, processing DBS checks, for a business or non-profit organisation with dozens of employees, a whole cabinet would be needed to store all relevant data. Software can be used to keep track of if and when employees have been checked.

Individual employees can take on some of the HR tasks themselves, even if they don’t work in the HR or admin department. By using specialist software, they can update their personal details, record their expenses and update their timesheets. This would take very little effort and saves plenty of time for admin workers in making sure all the numbers add up.

Overall, having HR software will prove really useful for businesses large and small. It makes processes like pay far smoother, allows all employees to manage some of their own work and saves on costly paperwork.

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