Trending Android Apps Which Make You Feel Refreshed

Trending Android Apps 2017

Trending Android Apps : The one which updates you with all the latest happenings across the globe giving us the free tour of the informative world, let us enjoy the fights between the political titans and the glamorous and the glorious world of the Bollywood celebrities and the sports stars is none other than news which gives us a free excursion. Their importance and necessity can hardly be ignored by anyone if he does not have it regularly. However returning from your boring works you look for something that makes you feel refreshed and forget about all the tension and worries. Here is the list of best trending android apps that will make you feel refreshed from the daily routine of the boring works.

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Trending Android Apps

1. White Noise Free

Well, when you return from your daily overpowering works you look for something interesting and refreshing that will give you sound and relax sleep and so here is this wonderful app that uses the ambient noises of nature to make you refresh after going through the mixer of the hectic works. Download this awesome app and soothe your headaches and say goodbye to the barking world.

White Noise Free White Noise Free image

Download here WHITE NOISE FREE

2. Fitocracy

Starting your day with the heavy dumbles on your hand pumping over and down to raise the strength of the muscles and continue doing the push ups in order to gain the strength of your hand is everyone’s demand. Here is this wonderful app for you that will keep a track record of your daily workouts along with the necessary ingredients to be supplied in your body. How much calories you have to burn and what routine you have to follow all are easily sorted out through this fit app.

Fitocracy Fitocracy image

Download here FITOCRACY

3. Calm

Not having the proper sleep with the thoughts of the overloaded works and the wrath of your Boss makes you hollow from inside. Your body becomes the home of many harmful diseases that make you more weaker and weaker. This app taught you to be calm and meditate in order to feel refreshed with the removal of all your daily worries and tensions. It is a common fact that a man walking under the gazing heat of the sun for the daily bread and butter is nothing if his strong and hard body easily gives up all the weapons against the enormous obstacles waiting for them. So, download this awesome and definitely you will be flown into a new world of silence and peace.

Calm Calm image

Download here CALM

4. Mindshift

Someone has rightly said that the obstacles and the struggle to cross it makes you stronger making you capable to face any type of hurdles approaching before you. But some take too much stress that instead of coming up they themselves fall down making them prone to many mental problems. Here is this marvelous app for you that shifts your mind from the noise of the overgrowing world to a peaceful environment where you have full time to relax. It allows you to learn about the anxiety disorders and what future problem it can create if being reached to its peak level.

Mindshift Mindshift

Download here MINDSHIFT

5. Awesummly

Reading newspaper is really a good habit and there is no doubt about it. But what can you do when you are being frustrated with the overrated and the exaggerated writings in the newspaper? You would definitely speak bad words to that particular newspaper company, but what I am saying is that why to waste your bad words also in blaming just a newspaper stuff? Here is this awesome app Awesummly for you that will definitely make your face smile every time it has been opened. The app is currently the most famous short news reading app that gives you the complete description of the world in just about 60 words.

Awesummly Awesummly image



Read short news directly from the official website.

6. WCC 2

Playing games is also one of the best ways to take away all your tensions and worries from your precious mind and so here is this wonderful game for all the game lovers. The game with the awesome graphics along with the mind blowing commentary and the best celebrations of the winning team is none other than World Cricket Championship 2. The game with the new and the advanced style of the batsmen hitting sixes and fours all over the ground and the best swiveling delivery by the bowlers is a must downloaded one that will make you refreshed in a single click on the icon.


Download here WCC 2


Again welcome you in the world of wonderful, mouth watery and killing of the overgrowing hunger with this delicious and tasty food app which you can hardly be left out without having a taste of it. The chase going inside our body can be stopped only after the nutritious food which will bind the path of the chase going on. Download this awesome app and give yourself a break from the daily boring hostel food and treat yourself with the lavishly served dishes on the shining plates.


Download here SWIGGY

8. ComiXology

Well, if somebody would ask you to make two wishes which you want to be fulfilled, I can bet that the first priority you would give to the money but what about the second wish. It may vary from person to person but even in that case I can make sure that 90% of the people would wish for their children to come back and why not when we enjoy our day fighting with other children, playing the nasty games and above all free from the tensions and the worries of the overgrowing world. Isn’t it the period of happiness that we are always looking for? Here is this app for you that will bring back your childhood with again the entry of your famous superheroes in your lovely and sweet world of imagination.

ComiXology ComiXology image

Download here ComiXology


As we come closer to our holidays we always think of going to new exciting places watching all the glimpses of nature, taking a round of the old and the historic streets and above all the glamorous hotels where we can enjoy to our full peak. Here is this app that will extra happiness to your lovely planning with the automatic notification of the cheapest air tickets and the finest hotels for you.


Download here SKYSCANNER

Here we mention top trending Android apps of 2017 you should have on your android device.

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