ThopTV APK Download for Android [12.0 Version Official]

Are you using an Android device and looking for the best TV app for it? If yes, then ThopTv is the name that ends your search. This app is designed for Indian sports and serials. So if you are a big fan of India television, then ThopTv APK is your happy place.

Note that this app is for Android device only and can fulfill all your needs. I think entertainment is necessary to stay happy and stress-free. It plays a significant role in our life. And yes, we need it. At present, the entertainment video industry is at its peak due to various reason like availability of useful content, advance devices, and excellent connectivity over the internet.

The significant ratio is films, TV series and sports and Indian channels have lots of content of it. You might be amazed at numbers. The app has 3000+ channels that provide the latest content. Even the app is impressive and legal. There are other advantages too, but we will discuss them later.

ThopTv APK Download

What Is ThopTv App?

ThopTv online is an Android app that allows its users to watch the content of the thousands of tv channels of the world. It does not only show the tv series but along with it, you can enjoy movies as well. Another thing is there are no additional charges to watch the movies and shows. Everything is free.

Once upon a time, this app is on the play store, but at present, you will not find it on it due to some terms and condition violation. However, you can find the ThopTv official via its site.

Even though the app is knock out from the big platform, fans do not care about it even little. Day by day, people are downloading it more and more just because of its great content, free service, and features. I think at present there is no competition for this free app.

You can see some specific information below in the table.

Size 13 MB
Platforms Android
CompatibilityAndroid and Amazon Firestick
Last Updated September 06, 2019

If you go through the above table, then you have read that the app is compatible with the amazon firestick. And in a short time, it will be hopefully available on the other platforms as well.

What Are The Key Features Of ThopTv Live?

  • Has more than 3000 channels for the amazing content
  • Can listen to music from the 5000+ radio station
  • 3000+ channels for amazing movie collection
  • The app supports various platform like Amazon Firestick, Android BOX, FireTv, and SmartTv’s
  • Selected channels have video quality section
  • Multiple audio language selection
  • Subtitle Support
  • 580+ channels provide 7 Days catchup

Advantage Of ThopTv App APK Download

1. Chat

I think chatting feature is one of the most useful features and promising one. Via public chat option, you can share your viewpoint. Even you can find troubleshooting steps in case of any problem. You will find developers online who can help you quickly.

2. Search

From the search option, you can find numerous movies and series from the links provided by Thop TV APK. One place to find your favorite content from multiple places. Do not worry; there is nothing like manual search. Just add the name and done. No more scrolling!

3. Notice Board

Want to know more about news or update related to the app? If yes, then notice board is there that will keep you up to date. All the special direct link, features, and details of the channels will show here. This app is the only one which has this kind of feature.

4. Dashboard

The dashboard provides you your personal space which is yours only. Create your account via Google or Twitter and add all of your changes and content on your favorite section. It is the options option, no need to be mandatory to follow it. There is no restriction o hidden subscription charges for unregistered as well as registered users.

It’s all about the benefits and advantage. Now let’s move towards the download part of the app. I know you are eager to know about how it works.

ThopTv Download: How To Download The ThopTv APK?

ThopTv APK Download

As I said, the app is no more on the play store, but it does not violate any policies technically. Time to time, Google changes its policies, and the app does not sustain one of the updates. It is the reality and thing behind the screen.

The app just scraps the link from the source that provides the content over the internet. And hosting just links does not harm any people. Even till now no developer, as well as users have file complain about it.

We do not have to worry about the support as it is good as of now. Even we have seen some Mod version, that is not showing ads. Isn’t it good? But on the other hand, if we use the mod APK file, then developers might stop the updating app as ads are the major source of income for the developer and team.

I think users are getting all the stuff for free and hence just for one or two ads; it is not advisable to choose a modded app to download and install.

What ThopTv APK Download Offers?

See when you start using the app, you will get a more clear answer to it. However, we have a list of the thing that this amazing app offer. You can look at it.

Movies/Series/Sports/Short Films

  • Shortfilms
  • Sports
  • Orchid Movies
  • Snowflake Movies
  • Oyster Movies
  • Zephy Series
  • Snowflake Series
  • Zephy Movies
  • Velvet Series


  • Allium TV
  • Jasmine TV
  • Tulip TV
  • Thyme TV
  • Iris TV
  • Sunflower TV
  • Heather TV
  • Daisy TV
  • Lily TV
  • RockStar {New}

How To Download And Install ThopTv APK On Android?

Before you go to the ThopTv APK download for Android here are somethings that you have to remember. Some steps need to be followed given below.

ThopTV APK Download

Step #1: First of all, download ThopTv for pc from the above link and look for the place where it download.

Step #2: The download file is APK, and hence it needs your permission to install it on your pc.

Step #3: For that go to setting >> security >> unknown sources. Here allow permission to install the app.

Step #4: Now go to the folder, where the APK file is download.

Step #5: Tap on the file and click on the install tab located bottom of the screen.

Step #6: Click on next and follow the instructions.

Step #7: Wait till the installation completes. And your app is ready to use.

Frequently Asked Questions:

There is some question that our visitors ask us in the comment section. For ease of all of you, we have listed some of the questions for you.

1. Is it possible to open the THOPTV on Web Browser?

Yes, you can open the ThopTv on your browser. For that, you need to copy and paste this URL: in the search bar.

In case it can’t open, use VPN service. Why? There are chances that your service provider has blocked the URL if in case they are notified via the board.

2. What are the charges for a subscription?

The app is completely free. You do not have to pay a single penny to use it. Even there are no hidden charges.

3. How to access the service from pc only?

You can access the app via pc on chrome and firefox. You need to install a specific extension to prevent the tracking of your location. In someplace the other browser like Opera and Yandex also work.

4. What is the minimum Android version this app support?

This app needs support Android 4.4 KitKat and above version.

5. How to signup on ThopTv app?

There is no signup tab. You can use the app directly via your social apps like twitter or google login details. After that, you can edit your username and password via profile info option.

6. The external video player is supportable?

No, you can play the video via site only. For external video support, it requires special coding, which is not provided by the developers.

7. Is login compulsory?

No, login is only needed when you want to use the dashboard to save your favorite channels or shows.

8. What to do if some of the channels are not playing?

In case if some of the channel not support, look for the version you are suing. Always pick the latest version of the app. You will find it on the official page. It is also true that for some changes you need VPN.

9. Share me the name of best VPN for ThopTv?

Express VPN, Nord VPN, and BulletVPN

10. What to do if the ThopTv website is not opening?

My friend, in this case, you have to use a VPN as your ISP blocks the URL.

11. What to do if I am getting Web Video Player Error on windows 10?

To troubleshoot it, refresh the page until you can see all the icons. This problem caused due to Network.

12. I am getting Web Player Error 24000 in Thyme TV, share me the steps to solve it.

You are using the unsupported system for streaming. Switch to the supported one, and the error will solve automatically.

13. When can I use the chat option?

If your question is not listed here, then you can use the chat option from the Android app. Here you will find all of your answers via developers or users.


It is all about ThopTv APK Download for Android latest version. We hope you like the information we have shared here. I think is it one of the best streaming apps that is free. Here you can enjoy even live sports as well. I think nothing is better than this. What do you say?

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