The Best Tools and Resources for Content Creation

Using the right tools can make your content creation process much easier and more successful. While you cannot substitute tools for a solid content marketing strategy, using them correctly can speed up the process. It can also help you gain new information and create better-performing content.

Best Tools and Resources for Content Creation

However, where to start?

What are the best content creation tools and resources that you should use to create better content? Alternatively, at least, which ones should you look at?

We have selected what we believe are the most useful and valuable tools, to help you choose the right ones and take your content to the next level.

Specifically, in this guide, we will share the best tools and resources on:

  • Tools for research and content planning
  • Tools for creating written content Tools for creating visual page content generator.
  • Podcasting tools
  • Tools for video content and webinars

Resources for content creation

Use this list to find a new tool or resource. Therefore, you can check them out the next time you create content and improve your marketing efforts.

Research tools and content planning

Finding ideas and inspiration for your content is one of the most difficult parts of the process. Creating content without a solid plan makes it harder to focus your efforts to be successful. However, many tools can help you plan and research your page content generator.

1. SEMrush Topic Research Tool

Using Topic Research is one of the most effective ways to quickly get ideas and inspire your content plan. SEMrush’s Topic Research tool makes the process of obtaining new ideas for your central topic a simple and fast process in just a few minutes.

Simply enter a subtopic and you can see related articles and questions in real time.

Price: From $ 99.95 per month, (in addition it includes a wide variety of content, SEO, PPC and social media tools)

2. SEMrush Marketing Calendar

Once you have identified the content you want to create, you will need to design a solid editorial calendar and follow it.

Planning a marketing strategy following a calendar will help you organize and take the necessary steps to grow daily. It is a great way to motivate yourself to stick to a consistent posting schedule, and the SEMrush Marketing Calendar is the perfect tool to do so.

3. Spark Toro

Spark Toro positions itself as a way to “Immediately discover what your audience reads, watches, listens to and follows.” When planning your content strategy, it is very important to know whom you are targeting and what interests them.

The more you center your content on the needs and wants of your target market, the more successful you will be. The tool tracks tens of millions of social media profiles and websites so that you know the information you need about your audience.

Price: Free for 10 searches per month, and up to $ 225 for 500 searches

4. Google Trends

Google Trends can help you understand the popularity of a search term, or topic, among Google users (who are the majority on the web).

Enter a query, and discover how interest has evolved over time. Use this information to create content on trending topics (you can gain a competitive advantage by being first), or identify which topics you are losing interest in.


Google is commonly known as an answer search engine. It means that you need to consider the questions that users ask.

One of the most effective tools to find the questions you need to optimize your website is A free tool that provides you with “Frequently Asked Questions” data, giving you information on long-tail searches and, more importantly, showing the relationship between topics and questions.

Price: FREE

6. Answer the Public

As we have already discussed, you should optimize questions as part of your SEO strategy. The more information you have, the better answers you can offer to the questions that are asked.

Although shows you PAA results, Answer the Public offers results from the suggested data and shows you the combinations of auto-completed searches.

You can use both tools at the same time to enhance your knowledge and research.

Written content creation tools

When we think of content creation, we often think and talk about the written page content generators. Although other content formats are, of course, important in attracting marketing results, the written content is still the standard format for many businesses. With this in mind, we have compiled a series of tools that you have to know.