How to Make Better PPC Campaigns Optimization?

Optimizing and Managing PPC advertising is a very hard task. It is important that before creating PPC campaigns, you should first fully understand your business because many PPC campaigns are just a mess and nothing can be more harmful than this. So, before going further, you should understand the concept of PPC in the right way. If you don’t, you will target the wrong audience, and won’t be able to sell the service or products to potential customers. A bad campaign can lead to losing plenty of money.

Sometimes understanding the concept of PPC may not be enough. In order to optimize your PPC advertising without harmful mistakes, you will need professional PPC management software like the one from

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How to make better PPC Optimization

Here are few ways listed that will help you to understand the profitable way to manage your PPC campaign:

Set your Target

Defining a target is the foundation of your optimization process. After establishing the goals you will be able to compare your campaign to them and find a match. Every campaign optimization should work against a certain target.

There are few decisions required to make like 1$ is cheap or not? Is CTR 10 % is good or not? These calculations totally depend upon the campaign that you are optimizing.

Optimize Keyword Bidding

If you try broad match bidding, you will find a lot of inaccuracy in the campaign you are optimizing. Broad keyword match is used to have a better understanding of the search terms. So this is one of the most important steps when it comes to optimizing a campaign. Find the Search Terms, which you will see under the dimensions tab in your AdWords account.

You can inspect the search queries in an ad group based on the campaign as well as for a particular time. This feature is very helpful and can show you the exact results in which your ad gets triggered. To make your campaign more efficient use exact match and modify broad match bidding. This technique uses a “+” symbol in front of the keyword that should be included in the search query to get your ad triggered.

Modified broad match bidding helps you to find long-tail search queries. After the campaign runs for some time, revisit to check for some negative keywords. This way you can modify your campaign to get better output.

Negative Keyword Research

After the optimization of your ad campaign, you need to organize negative keyword research from time to time. Doing this will help you in saving your hard-earned money by not investing in some unwanted click. The best place to find the negative keywords is the search term tool. You will find all the negative keywords in the tool mark those keywords or add them to your negative keyword list. You can also take the help of the Google search to autocomplete feature to get a complete list of Negative keywords.

You can find the negative keyword list at the bottom of the keyword tab in your AdWords account. Just make sure to include the keyword that is appealing and gives better results.

Implement Ad Extensions

Implementing Ad extensions is a very powerful and working PPC optimization strategy that can help you to improve your CTR (Click Through Rate). Ad Extension is a tool, which helps you to improve the presentation of your ad campaign. Ad Extensions is a site link that can help you to get better CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) by redirecting users to a particular page.

Always keep in mind that ad extensions are set on a whole ad campaign and not on a single ad. There are several ad extensions that you can use. You should test different ad extensions on your PPC campaign. Also, note that some extensions only work on premium listening so make sure that you are bidding high enough that the ad extension will get triggered on your PPC campaign.

Test Ad Copy

You should not overlook ad copy while optimizing your PPC campaign. Testing Ad copy will ensure you that how users are responding to your ad and you will be able to see the keyword quality scores.

You should split your ad campaign into 2-3 variations based on the keyword search results. Ignore making an ad group that has only one ad running. You need to have patience while practicing Ad copy. Testing Ad Copy will give you detailed tracking of your campaigns. Always make sure that your ad campaign gets good impressions, and the ad copy should have statistical relevancy.

Final Words

Optimizing the PPC is a complex task. This post doesn’t include all strategies but will help you in defining a strategy to help in creating a better-focused process so as to gain a better understanding of how you can optimize your PPC campaigns.

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