[Infographic] Hottest B2B Content Marketing Trends and Statistics in 2019

Content marketing includes using various types of content like blogs, visuals and videos in order to provide information about brands’ products and services. It is the most effective digital marketing strategy and also drives significant returns on investment, which is why it is no big surprise that content marketing is becoming more popular among B2B organizations these days. In fact, recently released yearly B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends from Content Marketing Institute uncovered that 70% of B2B advertisers have a much more success in content marketing than in 2017.

Undoubtedly, content marketing assumes an incredibly critical role in the present advanced advertising domain, particularly whenever put into B2B marketing where gathering of people engagement and communication is progressively complex. Similarly, as with different tools and techniques in the digital marketing world, content marketing strategy ought to be constantly sharpened and adjusted in order to obtain maximum results. In this infographic, Contentualize have gathered the top B2B content marketing trends that will rule the business world this year.

B2B Content Marketing Trends and Statistics

Email Marketing

Email marketing refers to using email to get your marketing message before your targeted audience. Messaging is an economical method to promote your organization and its products or services contrasted with numerous different forms of marketing. It’s additionally simple to set up and track an email marketing effort, making it a very accessible kind of marketing for small businesses. Email marketing is important for building relationships with clients as it allows you to talk straightforwardly to them, in their inbox, at a time that is helpful for them.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing differs from traditional marketing on the grounds that it originates from an influential, tenable individual with a huge following on social media rather than coming directly from a brand or business. Customers are distrustful of promoting and brands in general, and research indicates only one percent of twenty to thirty year olds accept they’re influenced in any capacity by publicizing. Instead of advertising to clients as a huge, general group, influencer marketing focuses on a group of people that is as of now inspired by a particular subject or industry.

Additionally, influencer marketing is far progressively powerful in communicating across to your audiences than advertisements. As indicated by an IAB study, 66% of shoppers use advertisement blockers on their PCs and cell phones. Hence, authentic and significant content from influencers is a considerably more reliable method for contacting them.

Audio/Visual Content

A few investigations have shown that the human brain has a capacity to decode visual imagery, a lot quicker than language, and subsequently, such communications have a far-reaching effect on the human mind. Utilization of visual aids encourages an individual to focus on a given article for a more extended range of time, as they keep the human mind entertained and engaged, in the same time.

Visual aids help to include an extra element of interest to the presentation. The subjects which may appear to be incredibly exhausting, can be made all the more exciting. This catches the eye of the audience members as they would now be able to see brilliant representations and highly contrasting content.

Social Media

Social media is the most cost-effective digital marketing strategies used to deliver content and increase your brand reputation and awareness. Implementing a social media strategy will significantly build your brand recognition since you will connect with a huge number of people. By utilizing social media, you broaden your marketing efforts in many ways. You don’t contact only one sort of group, however connect with a versatile client base; which is critical for your brand to make an impact in your niche. Without using social networking as a major aspect of your marketing methodology, you’ll have significantly more trouble achieving anybody outside of your loyal client circle. According to a research, it is found that over 58% of advertisers observe improved search engine rankings, who have been utilizing social media life for one year or longer.

Making incredible content is just a single part of digital marketing. All together for that content to be powerful you have to convey the right content to the right individuals at the ideal time. Content circulation is changing, and a few channels are expecting that you should pay. Paid content is the most capable for optimization since you’re prepared to control all aspects of your distribution in detail, such as measuring engagement, division and audience demographics details. To boost returns on a paid channel or paid media, your advertisements must reliably lead back to your owned media.


With the evolution of technology, content marketing techniques are also continuously changing and in order to stay up front in today’s world; it is becoming increasingly important for marketers to know about the latest trends, techniques, consumer’s preferences and implement the same in their content marketing strategies.

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