The Benefits Associated With Commerce Platform Migration

Covid-19 is just one of the many reasons why eCommerce has seen a significant upturn in sales during 2020, with face-to-face retail taking a real pounding. This huge jump in demand can place a big strain on any eCommerce platform, which means that commerce platform migration needs to be part of the thinking of any online store owners planning meetings.

The thing is, re-platforming is not usually something that is proactively sought out by eCommerce operators, as it’s typically an issue that forces the hand. However, commerce platform migration should really be discussed on an ongoing basis, rather than waiting for a malfunction or a shortcoming to arise and potentially cost you money.

Commerce Platform Migration

Reasons Why Commerce Platform Migration is Usually Considered

In most cases, eCommerce owners wait until their current platform is showing signs that it can’t cope, which ultimately increases the amount of time and money needed to keep it running smoothly. Typically speaking, any one of the following reasons will lead to commerce platform migration entering the discussion:

  • Slow site performance
  • Database and catalogue problems
  • The high cost of maintenance
  • A restriction on offerable services
  • Bad customer experiences

If any of these problems are becoming a real issue for your eCommerce store, it really is time to start thinking about commerce platform migration.

The Numerous Benefits of Commerce Platform Migration

When you move to a platform that suits your current and future needs, it comes along with numerous benefits. There’s a cost involved with migration, for sure, but these costs tend to pay for themselves by offering an increased return on investment (ROI). As long as you successfully complete a migration checklist, you’ll be sure to see an increase in revenue.

The benefits of commerce platform migration include:

  • Scalability – helping eCommerce stores to grow whilst maintaining site up-time
  • Cross-channel Integration – enabling plug-ins to be used to offer promotional discounts via social media
  • Improved User Experience – by allowing more user experience-related features to be added
  • Smooth Backend Integration – benefiting the site owner in terms of inventory management, real-time analytics and fulfillment services.

Eventige – The Commerce Platform Migration Experts

If your eCommerce store is plagued with issues and isn’t working to your satisfaction as a result, there’s a very good chance you could be greatly helped with a migration to another platform. Whilst the cost and the work involved might seem like a daunting proposition, it’s all worth it when it provides you with an eCommerce site that’s fit for purpose and resilient.

At Eventige Media Group, we are highly experienced in eCommerce website migration, which means that we know where all the pitfalls are and how to side-step them. If you would like to know more about why you should trust us to take care of your commerce platform migration, visit us online at today.

We really appreciate your taking the time out to read our article and we hope we have illustrated the fact that migration can be a real game-changer for online retailers everywhere. We’ll see you again next time with more from the home of superlative digital market services.

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