10 Reasons Startups Fail

Starting a business is not an easy thing. It requires proper planning, sufficient funds, and the right team to work with. As an entrepreneur, you must have the knowledge and skills to run a business successfully. Before you dive into building a successful business, you must realise the possible struggles that a start-up might face. … Read more

Why Your Startup Needs a Business Plan?

Does your small business require a plan? If you need funding for your business venture, yes. However, the benefits offered by having a business plan go far beyond just finding a lender. For example, it will help you ensure you have a viable idea that has the potential for success. Now that you know you … Read more

5 Tech Tools a Startup Must Use

Every startup needs to make use of technological tools at their disposal; if they don’t, it will be much harder to manage and stay competitive; the costs will go much higher than originally anticipated and it will end up hurting the ambitions of an entrepreneur. If a startup wishes to grow, it needs to make … Read more

5 Startup Business Mistakes Startups Should Avoid

Startup Business Mistake to Avoid

Image Source: startupstockphotos Avoid This Startup Business Mistake People often wish to be masters of their own destinies. This is what prompts them to leave their cushioned, high earning jobs to become entrepreneurs. Doing all the hard work while someone else earns the accolades prompts many to venture into the entrepreneurship terrain. Many of them have … Read more

5 Mistakes a Tech Startup Business Plan Should Not Make

tech startup business plan

The business plan of your startup should by all odds be erroneous-free as it is the facet, which can build or subvert the reputation of your startup. Also Read this: 5 Startup Business Mistakes Startups Should Avoid Penning down a business plan for a tech startup is no less than a feat. Beaucoup entrepreneurs initially get … Read more