Self Upgrade: 4 Applications That Will Boost Your Productivity

It is a general understanding that apps make our lives more comfortable from all the struggles and tasks that we need to face every day. From scheduling appointments to the doctor with just a click to placing online orders for delivery in fast food chains, apps are making us more productive, and time is being cut down for us to do more things.

Some apps create a checklist and remind us what to do or what to buy, the bottom line is that it is beneficial especially if you are busy or a lazy type of person. Although not every app is the same when it comes to function, it’s essential to research and know what those apps that will provide you excellent service are. So here are some of the apps that will increase your productivity.

productivity apps


Using a Pomodoro technique timer is also a way of boosting productivity because it’s a system for managing, and it encourages individuals to have the best out of their time, rather than working against it. This method will break down your workday, making 25-minute sessions separated by breaks of 5 minutes. The intervals are called Pomodoros. After having four Pomodoros, your break will be a little bit longer, and it will be 15 to 20 minutes.


One of the best Pomodoro apps that you can use on your Android devices. It will help you know what times of the day your productivity is at a peak. You can make a to-do list with this app and combine it with your time and task management techniques. After that, you can use the Pomodoro internet timer to measure your breaks and Pomodoros.

It also has a feature, which is the distractions-tracking. Each time you’re distracted while focusing on a Pomodoro, the screen should be tapped. Engross monitors how many times you click the button, it compiles reports that will show you what times of your day you’re best focused and what times you’re likely easily distracted.


The most common issue by the business tycoons is the amount of contacts that they have to sort out. With a busy schedule like multiple meetings, clients, and partners, you might have a hard time remembering what’s what and who’s who. Accompany will do your stuff and research the essential things to make you ready for your meetings.

This app will examine the biographical and financial data on your contacts and similar companies so that you will be able to save time preparing for an important meeting. As far as saving time is concerned, Accompany will check your emails and provides you information about that person who contacts you. Executive briefings and a news feed will also be provided from the companies and contacts that you are interested in and know what they are up to.


We all know that when you are a businessman, meetings will always be your daily routine. Whether the purpose is for team members, clients, partners, and even for staff, you will always have meetings whether you like it or not. Not everyone on the team is always visible for an urgent matter, and some might not be in the same room, but with GoToMeeting, it will help you gather everyone, virtually.

The purpose of this app is to make your life easier, especially if you and your colleagues are not working on the same site. Creating and joining meetings will be a lot easier because, with GoToMeeting, you can now do it anywhere and anytime. Also, you don’t have to worry about the video and sound quality because it is reliable. You only need to have a great internet connection.


A lot of people think that managing a business takes a lot of hard work, but they don’t know that handling a family is more complicated. The purpose of this calendar app is to provide help for those busy parents to boost their productivity by sorting out family duties using the calendar on their mobile phone. Mom and dad can assign household chores, sends the list that needs shopping, set reminders if a particular job is due, and many more.

You might think that this app is the sticky note’s digital version that parents always leave on the fridge as reminders for the family members, and yes, that is correct. Calroo will help you in a way that it will remind you who’s doing their job, where and when. If you have a lot of kids in many activities, this app will make your duty as a parent a lot easier.

Google AdWords

This app is surprisingly amazing when it comes to maximizing your productivity. Google AdWords is beautiful and fast, which makes it very simple to handle PPC campaigns anywhere you go. You will be able to disable or enable campaigns, ad groups, and ads, or replace keywords bids.

Google AdWords will give you the ability to handle little things, easier quickly. Its role is to be like the alert system that reminds you which part of your existing account needs some fixing when you start your laptop or PC.


For businessmen, they believe in the saying that “Time is Gold.” And to enlighten you with that, time is an asset that all businesses hope that they have more of it. There are a lot of ways to make you more productive and efficient. By using the apps listed above, the tasks that you need more time with will somehow be less time-consuming. When you enhance your productivity, you can spend more time on more important matters and with your family. And always remember, never waste your time and grab the opportunities that are in front of you.