Why You Need an Email Checker to Boost Your Email Marketing

Are you still trying to decide whether you need an email checker to prune your list? If your bounce rate has been high lately and your open rates have decreased, it may be time to consider removing bad emails from your database. The process is fast and simple, and helps to boost your email marketing within days.

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What is an email checker?

It is a system that detects invalid and other risky email addresses and instantly removes them from your list. Using an email checker – whether in bulk or in real time – supports better email hygiene, boosts sender reputation and inbox placement.

How to determine if you need an email checker?

Usually, there are a few signs that your email list needs pruning. Here are some of the red flags that should prompt you to hire an email checker:

  • Your bounce rate is higher than 2% — the industry standard.
  • Fewer people are opening your emails – that’s because your sender reputation has probably been tarnished and you land in the spam folder.
  • Of course, that causes your click-through rate to decline, as well. If people don’t see and open your emails, how could they click on your calls-to-action?
  • You feel like email marketing costs too much money and doesn’t yield enough benefits to make it worth it.

If you recognize yourself in these instances, things are pretty clear: you will benefit from getting a thorough email list cleaning.

How pruning your list boosts your email marketing?

From the day you start emailing your list, you start building your sender reputation. This is one of the most important assets you have to protect as an email marketer.

Your sender reputation (or sender score) helps internet and email service providers to determine your sending behavior. Poor email hygiene – which results in a high number of bounces or spam complaints – will affect your reputation. If you continue to email bad contacts, things are only going to get worse. This is where the email checker saves the day.

A reliable email list cleaning system will check your entire email list and weed out the bad data you’ve acquired. Spam traps, invalid, abuse, disposable or catch-all email addresses are all risky to your email marketing. Removing them as soon as possible is the best way to boost your email deliverability and overall engagement.

Once you clean your database, you’re going to notice that more people will open your emails and click through your content. This, in turn, continues to build your sender reputation and encourage more subscribers to interact with your messages.

How an email checker helps you spend less on email marketing?

Email is one of the most lucrative marketing channels right now. For every $1 spent, the average ROI is 42%, which makes it worth your time and effort. However, you have to calculate every hard-earned dollar you put into it.

For instance, your email service provider charges you based on the number of subscribers you have in your list. If you have any invalid contacts, you’re investing your budget in sending emails that will never reach anyone. What’s more, those bouncing emails jeopardize your entire email marketing, by tarnishing your sender reputation and causing you to land in the spam folder.

Once an email checker removes that bad data from your list, you can start emailing confidently, knowing you are paying to send only to real subscribers.

What’s more, if you send invoices to your customers but don’t ensure their email addresses are accurate, you may never get a chance to connect with that person. Having a real-time email checker API on your registration forms will help to prevent such situations.

Why getting an email verification API pays off?

Once your email list is clean, you want it to stay that way for as long as possible, right? Of course, you can verify it again in a few months, but also, you can install an email verification API on your signup and registration forms.

The API works in real-time to check every new email address that’s trying to get on your list. If someone makes a typo during the subscription process, the API suggests a correction, thus ensuring you collect a valid, active contact. These are the only typed of contacts you want to have in your database.

How do you get an API? It’s easy: your bulk email checker should come with one. Talk to your company’s customer support representatives and see how you can get the piece of code and install it on your website.


Your email hygiene is essential if you want to succeed with email marketing. So, before you send out another campaign, double-check your list to see if it needs some cleaning. The process shouldn’t take more than a few hours, and that’s if your list has hundreds of thousands of email addresses. If you have under 100,000, you’ll get your list back clean in less than an hour.