Productive Things to Do When Bored

How you utilize your free time tells a lot about you. A lot of people enjoy relaxing, watching television or scrolling through their phone when they have a couple of hours to spend on themselves. And other people hate sitting down tries different ideas like cooking, dancing, painting and a lot of other fun activities. Which type are you?

Relaxing when you’re free is absolutely needed. But there are ways by which you can relax in your free time while being productive. Isn’t that exciting? Given below are some fun, relaxing and creative activities that can increase your productivity and provides you maximum satisfaction in your free time!

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Productive Things to Do When Bored

Start reading a non-fiction book

If you love reading novels and storybooks, now it’s time to switch to a whole new world of reading. Start reading some non-fictional books, biographies of people who inspire you or books related to your passion and field of interest. Non-fiction books are usually much better in terms of productivity than fiction, as it could give you some insight, how you can enhance your ability and excel in your field of interest. Next time you feel bored, grab a non-fictional book or start reading on your Kindle, it can be fun, and you’ll learn a lot of new facts.

Nurture nature

If you’ve always wished for a garden, but living in a city in apartments has always crushed your dreams, it’s your time now. You can make your own little garden in your balcony or even on your kitchen window. No big plants or fruit trees, just plant small cute bonsai plants that look beautiful and also fills your home with lots and lots of positive energy. You can even plant some small flowering plants or vegetables like tomato, chili, mint, etc. that can give you a lot of benefits staying small in size. Take care of these plants, water them daily, feed them manure, show them sunlight and they will give you a lot of happiness.

Make your own calendar

Making your own calendar is the best fun activity that utilizes your time well and creates something beautiful. There are a lot of websites which can help you create downloadable calendar. You can create your own customized printed 2020 calendar with the help of different tools available on the website. You can design the calendar, choose the size of paper and organize the months and dates in whatever way you want, to make your perfect Calendar 2020 printable! You can gift this printable calendar to your friends and relatives, or you can keep it for your own use.

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Learn a new Artform

Nothing is more satisfying than painting or sketching whatever comes to your mind. Painting works as a therapist for us, in which we can pour our emotions, feelings and all of our heart. Learning a new art form is always good for us. It enhances our creative skill and also can give you a lovely painting to hang on one of your empty walls. There are a lot of fun art forms like abstract art, dot painting, hand lettering or quote art. You can even try out sketching and designing your own clothes, that is also a part of Art.

Doodling Art

Anything related to pens, colors, papers are beautiful. If you’re not a painting person, you can try out some doodling. There is a lot of doodling art tutorials available on the internet that can help you to learn the basics of doodle and you can have an idea and feel inspired! It doesn’t require any special art skills, just start it from somewhere, draw random lines, make them overlap with each other and write or draw whatever you want. Add everything that comes to your mind lines, circles, squares. Who knows, maybe this can be your hidden talent!

So, next time when you’re feeling bored, or you have a few hours to spend with yourself, don’t waste time being a couch potato. Try some of these activities and tell us in the comments section which one is your favorite. Also, if you know about any other fun and creative activity that can increase your productivity in the free time, do let us know in the comments section below.

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