Working Kickass Proxy & KAT Unblocked Mirror Torrent Sites List

Kickass proxy: Nowadays many new torrent sites have been introduced, but still people prefer to download media from old and establish sites. KAT or Kickass Torrents is one of those sites. It is secure and trustworthy torrent provider. You can download books, movies, songs, games, software, and many more from Kickass Torrents.

But due to new regulations, the government is blocking a large number of data hosting website and Torrent websites, and Kickass Torrents is also no more left. It is the only reason for changing the domain from time to time by the admin of the site.

If you are an active user of Kickass Torrents, then you are aware of it and also know that how often the domain change takes place. Not only government but some internet provider block such sites so that user can’t access them.

But each problem has solution likewise this problem also have a solution. You can use unblocked or kick ass torrents proxy or Kickass Proxy to access these sites. If you don’t have an idea about it, then do not worry because, in this article, we will discuss on some of the Working.


Kat proxy and kickass proxy unblocked Torrent Sites list. First, take a look at some of the features of Kickass Torrents and Proxy.

What is A Proxy Server?

If we talk in the technical term, then the proxy server is a dedicated a software system running on a pc that works as an intermediate between an endpoint device, like from one pc to another server. In normal words, proxy server covers your IP address so that you can access all websites that are blocked by government or internet Provider Company. So with the help of a proxy server, you can access all the website which is considered as a duplicate website of the original one. It comes in a role when the original one is blocked or banned. There are multiple kickass torrent mirror or kickass torrent proxy sites of a particular website; the only difference is usability and speed.

Why Are The Original Kickass Torrents OR Kat Website Not Working?

Many time it happens that you can’t be able to open the original Kickass Torrents website on your PC or smartphone. Even it does not happen with you only; all people face the same. Recently, Artem Vaulin-the maker of Kickass Torrents was arrested as KAT was hosting a large database of prohibited content. After that Kickass Torrent was blocked by the Government but we can access it through the kickass torrents proxies or mirrored links.

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Kickass Proxy & Kat Unblocked Mirror Torrent Sites List

You know that Kickass Torrents is not working anymore, users are always searching for kickasstorrents proxy torrents sites to access the website. For ease of users, we have made a list of active and working Kickass Proxy and Mirror Torrent sites with the speed and status. The reason behind making a list of sites is there are many fake proxy sites are available that stole your data. So to keep you and or information safe check out the list of kickass unblocked sites below:

Sr. NoNameSpeedstatus
1Kat.coVery FastWorking
2kickass.unblocked.proVery FastWorking
3Sitenable.pwVery FastWorking
5Sitenable.chVery FastWorking
7Freeproxy.ioVery FastWorking
8kickass.cdVery FastWorking
9kickass-cd.pbproxy.redVery FastOnline
10Filesdownloader.comVery FastOnline
11Sitenable.topVery FastOnline
12kickasstorrents.videoVery FastDown
14kickass.unblockme.euVery FastNot Working
15kickass.immunicity.cabVery FastWorking
16Siteget.netVery FastWorking
17Sitenable.coVery FastWorking
21katcr.toVery FastBlocked
22kickasstorrents.toNormalNot Working
25kickass.cmVery FastWorking
29 FastWorking

All the above-listed sites are the best working Kickass Proxy sites. From the multiple options you can select any of your choices and if the one you selected does not work, then you always find another option. There is a difference of speed between different proxies so select the one which works fastest for you.

Even if you want to access the kickass alternative sites apart from the kickass KAT proxies, we have made a list of best alternative of KAT.

Note: Do you want to stream movies online then above list of Kickass Torrents will helps you.

Best Kickass Torrents Alternatives

If you do not like to visit any duplicates or mirrors sites to download a torrent, then there is an option available for you. Instead of a real, original site, then you may be interested in Kickass Torrents Alternatives. There are lots of other websites that host a large number of torrents from different categories such as music, movies, games, and so on.

Kickass Torrents Alternatives:

1. The Pirate Bay: The Pirate Bay is a best torrents provider, with the large database of content starting from movies to softwares. It considered as the best alternative to Kickass Torrents and used by a lot of users worldwide.

2. ExtraTorrent: It is effortless to search and download content from ExtraTorrent. It provides section wise listing of torrents. It is an excellent alternative to Kickass Torrents.

3. RARBG: RARBG is blocked in a few countries including Saudi Arabia, UK, Denmark, and Portugal. So I depend on the country of your residence decides you are lucky enough or not to get this site. It hosts a large amount of content and also provides magnet links similar to Kickass Torrents and Pirate Bay.

All the above-listed sites are of the best alternatives to Kickass Torrents. You can select one that you works fast on your device and that you find easy to navigate through.


It is all about best working Kickass Proxy & KAT Unblocked Mirror Sites. As I said, Proxies hide your IP address but the use of VPN service is better and safer way to access the duplicate sites. Why we recommend you to use VPN service before downloading a torrent because using torrents websites is getting unsafe and dangerous day by day. So it is upon you how to access the sites.

In case of queries, questions and doubts sue the comment section given below and share your thought on this post with us. Thank you!