5 Instagram Metrics Your Brand Should Be Paying Attention To

Tracking your Instagram metrics is the best way to gauge whether or not you’re effectively reaching your audience, keeping them engaged, and growing your following. Luckily, an Instagram business account can give you all of the tools you need to track important metrics quickly and easily.

Ignoring your metrics is a serious mistake, especially if you’re running a business or managing a brand. Influencers should pay attention to their metrics as well since their livelihood depends on how many followers they have and what their engagement looks like. Here are five Instagram metrics you should be paying attention to.

Instagram Metrics

Instagram Metrics for Brand Success

#1. Engagement

You can post the best content on Instagram, but if no one is staying engaged with it, you’re going to run into problems. If you’re looking to pair up with an influencer, this is the most important metric to look at before paying them to endorse your products. If you pay someone that has a low engagement rate, you’re throwing money away.

Even if you buy Instagram followers that are interested in your type of content, that doesn’t mean they’ll automatically be engaged. It’s up to you to produce high-quality content that keeps their attention and to frequently check your engagement rate to be sure you’re performing well.

#2. Follower Growth Rate

Followers are what keep the wheels turning on your Instagram page. Not only do they engage with your content and provide those much-needed likes on posts, but they also spread the word about your brand/page to other potential followers. The more followers you have, the wider your audience is, which creates an opportunity for more exposure and sales. Here is guide on how to buy Instagram followers.

No matter what you’re selling, your brand needs to track its follower growth rate on Instagram. How many followers do you gain in a week’s time? A month? A year? Where are your followers coming from? This is information you’ll need to know if you plan on improving your page or attracting attention from other brands.

#3. Link Clicks

Are you providing shoppable posts for your followers to click on? Do you know whether they’re clicking on them or not? How much traffic are you driving to your website via your Instagram page? Even if you’re seeling the best CBD oil on the market, or the cutest clothes, or a breakthrough book, if no one’s clicking your links, your Instagram page isn’t performing well.

This could be due to a lack of engagement on your posts, so you’ll likely need to take a step back and look at how your other metrics are linked to this one. Instagram is sort of the “middle-man” between followers and your website. Your Instagram page should be helping drive traffic and sales to your site.


Comments give you a great picture of how followers are engaging with your content. What does your comment section look like? Are you getting comments on every post or only some posts? What kinds of comments are you inspiring? Negative? Positive? These are the kinds of questions you need to consider when you’re measuring this metric.

The comment section should also be a place where you’re interacting with your followers. Answer their questions, appreciate their feedback, and thank them for their interest in your brand and your products. The fact that they’ve taken time from their day to leave you a comment says a lot; don’t ignore it!

Continue to track your comments over a period of a few months to see if the number of comments per post goes up or down. This can tell you a lot about your content. Maybe you’ve fallen off a bit with the quality or relevance of what you’re posting, or maybe you’ve just lost a few followers and it’s reflecting in your comment section. Good comments can help drive new followers to your content, as well.

Be sure to respond to positive comments like “hey, I really liked your review of the CBD tincture” or “you have an awesome sense of humor” with positivity and thanks. If you address negative comments in the comment section, try to be patient.

#5. Stories

Stories are a great way for Instagram users to show off new products, tell a story, and much more. These short videos have a limit of 15 seconds, but you can get a lot done in that amount of time if you do it right. You can also post photos, but everything you post is taken down after 24 hours. Tracking the engagement on these posts is also important, as it shows you who is interested in the stories you’re posting.


Tracking your Instagram metrics is the best way to learn how your page is performing and where you can do better. Don’t miss these five important metrics to track on your Instagram page!

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