Pose And Smile: 7 Commonly Used Emojis On Instagram

In this digital age, emojis seems like the universal language of most mobile users. Its popularity is not just noticeable in social media apps. Some building infrastructures use the symbol through prints to show some crucial warnings or indications.

Emoji becomes one of the leading tools for modern communication. This trend is now presented in various games, social networks, and even books. Social media enthusiasts often found their status updates or tweets boring without the touch of an emoji that may depict their current emotion.

One of the most recognized social media apps that hook the attention of millions of users is Instagram. The app allows you to post pictures and get some love from your followers. With a picturesque scene and creative caption, plus cute emojis, you will surely get a couple of likes.

Instagram is one of the great platforms that allows users to connect with people from different parts of the world with some help from what we called the universal language, the emojis. Let’s check out these most-used emojis on Instagram that gives users a more creative account. You can check the list of emoji apps for Android.

Instagram Emoji

Commonly Used Emojis On Instagram

Some of the brands use emoji as Instagram marketing strategies to attract their users to post.

Fire Emoji

Fire is the most popular emoji in symbolizing “hot” or “lit.” When someone posts a pic with their sexy figure in a bikini, it cannot be completed without the touch of this fire emoji. They often make the picture more creative by adding eye emoji to the caption. It seems like you are saying, “Hey, get your eyes off from me. You might get burned.”

Heart-Eyed Emoji

This smiling face emoji with heart eyes conveys love, adoration, and affection to someone or even to something special for them. Whether you have new shoes, shirts, or a new car, this is a perfect emoji you can use to show how thankful you are.

Red Heart Emoji

This is the most popular universal emoji of showing love. A red heart can be used for those Instagram-worthy pictures of your best friend, parents, and your significant others and show everyone how much thankful you are to have them. Whatever reason you may have, a red heart emoji is a compelling symbol of showing deep affection.

Tears of Joy

We commonly see this emoji across social media platforms that show funny pictures and video clips. Face with tears emoji is also standard on Instagram, where you can freely show your amusing pictures with hilarious captions. This will surely captivate the attention of your followers and lead them to comment something humorous too.

Winking Face That Blows Kiss

Aside from conveying love or affection, a winking face that blows a kiss is also a symbol of saying goodnight or goodbye to your Instagram friends. Post your picture where you are wearing your most stunning nightgown or a perfect dinner date using this emoji, and for sure, you will get several likes.

Beach With Umbrella

Of course, who doesn’t want to get the natural vitamins from the sea? We often crave for its perfect beauty and rejuvenating air. When we get there, we usually bring our perfect suit for sunbathing, and of course, it will be more perfect with some picture taking. At the end of the day, we pick some of our best shots and upload them on Instagram. Beach with an umbrella is an emoji usually used by anyone who loves the refreshing ambiance of the sea and posts their best pictures on their accounts.

Food And Drink Emojis

Everybody wants a great meal from various restaurants around the globe. To make that moment more remarkable, we take a few camera shots and upload them on our Instagram accounts with a caption, “Great to be here!” To give some art with that caption, we often used different food and drink emojis.


We usually express emotion through emojis. In just a single emoticon, you can freely convey what you have wanted to send to your online friends. Red heart for showing love and affection, tears of joy emoji for showing hilarious pictures, or different food and drinks emoji for showing your online friends how great the food is. Whatever message you want to convey, emoji can do things for you.

Listed above are just some of the few commonly used emojis on Instagram. You can discover other great emojis that are perfect for the caption you want the whole world to read. Smile, pose, and receive some love!

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