Important Principles for Digital Marketing for a lucrative career

VSNL provided the general public with internet access back in 1995. The next five years saw little growth in terms of the number of people using the internet, with only 0.5% of the Indian population having access to the internet in 2000. However, things started to change 16 years later with our country witnessing 373 million internet users. Now, with the transformation from lower-gen connectivity (2G) to much faster higher-gen network connectivity (4G and above), we can expect to see an even more prominent rise in the number of internet users.

This ever-increasing flux of people towards the internet and mobile-devices has paved the way for what is known as Digital Marketing. Gone are the days when Marketing meant visiting people door to door. Now, with everything online, the world has become more connected. Today, we’re just a ping away from anybody – no matter how close or far, physically. Organizations, both big and small, are looking to capitalize on the fact to have a much wider reach and cater customers across geographical boundaries. Owing to this, and many more clear benefits of Digital Marketing, these companies are often in the dire need for skilled digital marketers.

digital marketing

There are no set of rules when it comes to digital marketing as it is about expressing one’s creativity. However, it’s better to be safe than sorry, and that is why we have laid out a list of principles, which, if followed, can promise you a lucrative career ahead:

Familiarize yourself with the basics

For you to have a fulfilling career in any domain, it’s imperative that you have a good command of the basics of it. It’s a good idea to go through the necessary terms and technologies used and get a fair bit of sense of it. It’s also suggested to familiarize yourself with the industry jargons to be more confident in your day to day job.

Find your fit:

What are you good at? Does writing gets you pumped up? Or, is it social media? Whatever it is, there’s a scope for it under the broad spectrum of Digital Marketing. Before you begin your career, it’s always best to know what shoes fit you – keeping both your qualifications as well as interests in mind.

For example, an often sought-after role is that of a Social Media Executive. The SME is responsible for managing various social platforms, like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and so on, of an organization. This role requires excellent communication skills and excellent customer service skills. An MBA is a plus for this role. Another profile is the SEO Executive. He is the person responsible for improving the website ranking of an organization, among other things. This requires you to be a bit more tech savvy – knowledge of front-end development is a plus in this case. If you’re into words and language, creating content is probably your call. From there you can broaden your horizons in content marketing, and the possibilities and endless.

All in all, there’s a lot you can do under the umbrella of “Digital Marketing”, but you need to find your fit beforehand to be successful and satisfied.

Befriend industry people

This is the most important but often overlooked. Just preparing yourself will do you little good, unless you have a strong network of industry people. Not only will those guys be the best to guide you through your journey, but also they’ll help you form a much stronger network that’ll come in use later in life. The best way to do this is by tapping your existing Facebook and LinkedIn connections and finding out any digital marketers. Then, go ahead and spark a conversation with them. The field of marketing is rapidly evolving, and it’s better to have as many relevant connections as possible.

Get formal training and certification

If you’re looking for a long career, we recommend you religiously go through some online courses on Digital Marketing. These courses are incredibly well-structured and ensure that you don’t get misled when starting from ground zero. As opposed to self-learning, where you’re exposed to a lot of errors and misjudgments, it’s always better to take help of these professionals. Grabbing a certificate along the way will help you build credibility and will add a lot of value to your resume, so you should better consider getting certified too. These certifications span over a variety of domains like content marketing, social media marketing, and digital marketing certifications. Apart from building credibility, they’re also a confidence booster that’s required for a successful career.

Take up internships

If you’re still in college and deciding on a career in digital marketing, you can find various internships easily. They might be unpaid, but don’t let that be a reason for letting it go. Independent projects and internships are a chance to build your practical skills. Working on real-projects will give you an idea of the everyday challenges a digital marketer faces, and the way around it. Apart from working on real-projects, another benefit of taking up an internship is the connections you’ll form through the course. You might get to work under some of the sharper brains of this country. Nothing can be better for a lucrative career than starting off with the right mentors. These internships often don’t require a highly skilled person, so if even if you’re just starting, you should definitely drop your CV wherever you can.

A digital marketer is always needed, but do you know who’s needed more? A skilled digital marketer! So, if you’re looking for a lucrative career, focus on building your skills as much as you can. And, while you’re at it, don’t forget to form useful connections!