Digital Marketing Technology Trends For 2019

Expansion of digital marketing technologies has brought us an extensive palette of opportunities to improve our digital marketing campaigns. Any digital agency Dubai would tell you the same, which is to search for the marketing technologies that may suit your business in the best way possible.

Thinking of new digital marketing technologies and innovations, we came across numerous examples of how these new technologies can benefit our overall marketing campaigns. Digital Marketing Institute gives us further insight into these new technologies and how to use them properly.

Digital marketing companies in Dubai and across the UAE always suggest their clients should take a step back, and come up with ideas that they wish to incorporate into their digital marketing campaign. After carefully analyzing all the details, the UAE-based digital marketing agency in Dubai will be able to come up with fantastic solutions toward reaching your marketing goals.

Digital Marketing Technology Trends for 2019
Digital Marketing Technology Trends for 2019

Digital Marketing Technology In 2019

There are many technological trends when it comes to digital marketing in 2019. We’ll mention some of them in this article, and we’ll discuss why are they essential.

Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning

When it comes to AI, marketing will gain significant benefits from using AI in the campaigns. The AI is capable of learning and predicting user’s behavior based on the behavior patterns that users have. The digital footprint that every one of us leaves behind online is what AI can take advantage of, and use it to predict possible scenarios. This makes it a lot easier for marketers to predict buyers’ intentions and habits. That way, digital marketing companies in Dubai will know how and when potential buyers will buy the products or the services they need. By knowing this, marketers can present potential buyers with solutions based on their habits, needs, and personal interest.

Chatbots – The Bots From Not So Distant Future


Chatbots are among the most advanced technological solutions when it comes to digital marketing. If you feel the need to get some rest from the constant email replying, social media messages, etc. you should consider using a chatbot to make your life much more comfortable. Programming chatbot to provide your potential customers with instant replies and give them the answers to the most usual and frequent questions was the thing of the future up until recently. Today, chatbots are among us, helping us with our daily tasks. Chatbots are of significant importance for every digital agency Dubai since they allow marketers to fully concentrate on the tasks at hand instead of wasting their time on small and tedious tasks like responding to message and email queries.

AMPs (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

All search engines combined have an insane amount of traffic. Google alone has around 60% of traffic from mobile devices only. Since the website’s loading time can increase, it further leads to a bounce rate increase as well. This could have a negative impact and lead to a significantly lower Google rating. If we consider that Google didn’t place AMP as a factor which can impact your ranking scores, you should try and get lower bounce rates as much as possible since using AMP is definitely a positive thing. Today, there are way more than four billion AMP websites online. Why did Google come up with AMP project? The answer is simple – higher speeds. AMP pages create lower bounce rates for your webpage because the AMP pages load in less than 0.5 seconds.

Email And Marketing Automation Are Crucial

email marketing

Using emails was popular even 20 years ago, but considering how things have changed in the last couple of decades, email marketing today is something completely different than it was before. The main difference that makes emails so much different than before is the personalization of emails. According to numerous studies, personalized emails will get you more buying customers than non-personalized ones. Companies can send separate emails to different customer groups, depending on the content they’ve engaged with and the interest they have toward a product or a service you offer. Using emails to learn behavioral patterns of your potential buyers is the key to success.

Marketing automation has been among us for some time. Choosing the right marketing automation software for your business is of the utmost importance since this software will help you with managing calls, messages, tracking data, responding to various queries, emails, etc. Marketing automation software can help you with all the small daily tasks you have, thus providing you with much more free time and giving you the opportunity to focus on more important things.

Consider Your Options

There are numerous things you should think of when you decide to market your business, and you should always inform yourself before taking any action. Discover a lot of useful tips and tricks in this article, and use them for marketing your business the way you want successfully.