How to DDoS an IP and Crash a Website (3 Working Methods)

How To DDos An IP Or Website?

Hacking is the most lucrative and profitable market in the world. It is done for various reasons. Few do it for fun; others do it professionally to gain something. Whatever is the reason, it is very unethical and the knowledge required for hacking varies from website to website. This article will explain how to DDoS an IP and crash a website.

The basic thing about internet and website is that these are hosted on a server. However, these servers are limited to handle individual requests at any given point of time. In Dos i.e. Denial of Service, a client sends a lot of requests to flood the server and when the server is unable to handle them, it goes offline. It becomes Distributed Denial of Service known as DDoS when you perform Dos using multiple Computers.

To perform a DDoS, a Hacker first creates its virtual Army by installing a Malware on multiple computers. Once you create your botnet Army, it will be an auto pilot attack when launch command is issued.
Below are a few methods on how to DDoS a website or an IP. You will be able to crash a website by following the below-mentioned steps.

  • How To DDoS Website Manually Using Command Prompt
  • LOIC Automatic DDoS Attack for Website
  • Use Google Spreadsheet to DDoS an IP or Website

Let’s see each method in detail.

How to DDoS an IP and Crash a Website

How To DDoS Website Manually Using Command Prompt

Follow the steps to DDoS a website. You have to be sure your internet connection has unlimited bandwidth to perform this task.

DDos Website Using Command Prompt

Step #1: Find a suitable Website

The first step is to find a website that is small and suitable for you and for which you want to DDos attack.

Step #2. Search IP Address

Then search the IP address of the website you found. Use this command to get the IP address.
ping –t

Step #3. IP Address

After using the command, you will get an IP address which looks similar to (x=numbers).

Step #4. Type the Command

ping [ip address] -t -l 65500

Step #5. Run the Command for a Long Time

Now you have to run this command for a long time. Execute this command simultaneously on multiple computers.

Step #6. Visit Website after Few Hours

Then visit the website after some time to check whether the above steps have helped in flooding the server.

Step #7. Server Unavailable

Now the website will show the message as “server unavailable” or “website is temporary down”.

LOIC Automatic DDos Attack for Website:

LOIC, written in C#, is an open source network stress testing and DoS attack application. If you aim to shut down a website completely, you will require the help of this tool, also known as Low Orbit Ion Canon. Below are the steps to how to DDos any website using this tool.

LOIC Automatic DDos Attack For Website

Step #1. Download LOIC Software

First, you will need to download the LOIC software from the link given below:

Step #2. Extract It to Desktop

After the software is downloaded, extract it to the Windows desktop.

Step #3. No Installation Required

The software will open when you double-click the icon. It is portable software hence it does not require an installation process.

Step #4. Enter Website

Enter the URL of the website that you wish to crash.

Step #5. Enter IP Address (Optional)

You can also put the IP address in the IP field though it is not required, which you can find from the ping command on Windows.

Step #6. Press Lock On

Next press the “lock on” tab.

Step #7. Attack Option

Under the option ‘Attack’→ don’t make any changes to timeout, HTTP or the speed bar.

Step #8. TCP/UDP Message Option

Under the option ‘TCP/UDP Message’→ you can choose to mention whatever is needed.

Step #9. Port Option

Under the option ‘Port’→ change it to the value of the target website to be hacked (the value “80” works for most cases)

Step #10. Method Option

Under the option ‘Method’→ select the option UDP from a drop-down menu

Step #11. Change Thread Value

In case you have a really good computer you can change the thread value to 20, or the default 10 should work fine


Now press the “IIMA CHARGIN MAH LAZER” button.

The software has to be run for a minimum of one hour. Visit the targeted website after that. It will show an error message called “Service Unavailable”.

Use Google Spreadsheet to DDos an IP or Website

Google uses a ‘feedfetcher crawler’ to catch the picture and later it shows the cached picture. Likewise, Google utilises the comparative method for Google Spreadsheet to reserve and show any picture which is ordered inside =image(“”) value.

For instance, if you input

=image(“”) function in a Google spreadsheet, it will fetch the image and then display it from the cache.

Use Google Spreadsheet to DDos an IP or Website

The trick here is, if you use a random parameter request, feedfetcher crawler will be able to get the same file numerous times. However, if one uses a large pdf file link, Google feedfetcher crawler will be unable to fetch anything. Though, it will crawl the same website several times which will result in a stack of outgoing bandwidth hence resulting in a traffic loss. The best part about this trick is that it results in no loss of your bandwidth since it is fetching nothing.

A targeted traffic of up to 250GB can be executed within 45 minutes using a single system.

NOTE: Please note that this is an article for knowledge purposes only, giving information on how to DDos an IP. It imparts knowledge about DDos and its tricks and tips to the readers. The website hacking is illegal hence it is not advisable to crash websites.

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