How To Choose a PC for a Designer?

Designers are partitioned into individuals who work with two-dimensional designs and three-dimensional. Working with 3D items is more difficult for your hardware, but you may use free mockups to make it easier. On the off chance that you need a PC to work in the two areas, combining 2D and 3D designs, then when choosing it you should be guided by the higher system requirements – for 3D programs.

How To Choose a PC for a Designer


For the work of graphic designers, the pebbles from Intel are recommended, they are more productive and stable. Intel Core i5-9400F is the optimal mid-level model. Six cores with a frequency of 2.9-4.0 GHz will provide you with maximum comfort in your work. Such a processor can easily cope even with small three-dimensional scenes.

If you are looking for the most affordable computer, the Intel Core i3-8100 processor is a great choice. It will not cope with three-dimensional graphics, but it is suitable for drawing or working with images.

More serious tasks can perform Intel Core i7-9700KF. It has 8 cores with a frequency of 3.6 to 4.9 GHz.

The video card

To create two-dimensional graphics, you can do without a video card, using the built-in processor. The main thing that it was there. But do not forget that it will use RAM, which means that its number must be increased.

To work with medium and small three-dimensional objects, a gaming card will do. The main parameter – the presence of CUDA cores, significantly accelerates many processes when working with 3D graphics. This technology is only available in cards NVIDIA last generation.

It is desirable to choose a card by the number of cores and the amount of memory. For games, the power of the core is important, but for rendering it is not critical. It is advisable to use RTX series cards or professional Quadro.


With memory everything is easier: there are quite standardized values, besides it does not cost very much, you can stock up. The minimum value in 2021 is 4 GB, recommended – 8-16 GB, the limit – 32 GB. That is, you can put more, but it is unlikely that you will be able to occupy it with something.

As for the version – DDR3 or DDR4, you definitely need the fourth version. It is not a good idea to build a new computer with an old memory. The new version is faster, which provides a comfortable computer response.


For the modern computer and laptop SSD drive has become a must-have item. He speeds up the system as a whole, increases the speed of programs, loading games and so on. But its volume is quite small. So if you want to store all your projects for a long time, you need to have two drives – SSD and HDD.

Modern laptops have an M.2 slot, such SSDs are much more compact, and if you take the top model, it will run up to 7 times faster. That said, the regular SATA slot takes care of the HHD.

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A design computer should be complemented by a couple of monitors. If you want to use a laptop for work, a second additional monitor is not superfluous. There is an option to use a widescreen monitor, such as LG 25UM58 monitors. They have a 21:9 aspect ratio, which means that the height of pixels is like the regular screen, but the width is 1.5 times bigger.

The most important parameter of the screen is the type of matrix because the quality of color transmission depends on it. For example, TN is only suitable for games, it is not able to convey the full range of colors. The above monitors have an IPS matrix, which provides excellent light rendering. The same applies to the laptop screen.

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