Best Trending Apps for Android

Are you looking for the best trending apps? If yes, then you are in the right place as in this article I will tell you about the top 10 trending apps in this year.

Best Trending Apps for Android

We all know that an app is an application software that runs on the android platform. An app-only becomes popular if it fulfills all the requirements of the public. If an app is more user-friendly than any other apps then their popularity reaches up to the sky.


There have been many apps launched in this year which also become popular among the public. But here are 10 apps that were considered to be the best.

best android apps

Top 10 Trending Apps for Android


This app is good for your snaps but most suited for control over your photos. The app allows you to take a different kind of photos and then opening the creative options to modify it. It also provides a chance of taking night shots with a very clear view. Download this app from the play store.

CAMERA FV 5 app CAMERA FV 5 best android apps


Leaving Gmail it is one of the trusted email apps which provides a simple interface and consists of all the things that Gmail has. There are a couple of smart settings in this app that makes you more curious to use this app.

BLUE MAIL app BLUE MAIL best android app


Dolphin is an app that provides an excellent user interface experience. The experience is so wonderful that it makes you forget that you are using an Android. The app also comes up with excellent services such as Evernote and LastPass. The app is designed with advanced features such as drawing character to call websites and using the voice search to open a particular website. These advanced features are the great point of attraction for the public. Download this app now.

Dolphin app Dolphin best android app


Do you love to cook new recipes? If yes, then this app will fulfill your demands as it contains a variety of recipes that you will not have a single excuse to leave this app. Once used the app will become a habit for you and all your excuses regarding leave will be failed. Get this app now.



Gone were the days when there was not the proper arrangement of ordering and delivering the food. If someone wants to order food then they have to look for the menus, cash and the restaurants that would deliver it. But through this app one don’t have to worry about the menus, cash and the delivery of the food. The app provides you to pay money via your debit card from your phone only. This great feature of the app allows us to order food in a second. Download this app now.

SEAMLESS app SEAMLESS best android app


Do you want a detailed plan to make your body fit? If yes, then this app will be best for you. The app consists of the essential diets and exercises that will make your body in shape. A person suffering from obesity can burn a large number of calories through this app provided he must follow it seriously. Simply speaking this app is one of the best apps for the person who is very much conscious about their health and body. Get this app now on your mobile.

MY FITNESS PAL app MY FITNESS PAL best android app


The app is very much popular among the people who are fond of watching sports. It is considered to be the brother of the same sports channel. The app covers a wide range of sports which people loved to watch. If you have missed some sport then you can easily watch that particular game using this app. Get it now on play store.

espn app espn best android app


There are many weather apps but the most popular app for the android is Morecast that gives you a detailed description of the weather around you starting from the temperature to the type of the day it has. The app is also used to compare weather of two different cities and this feature makes it a popular weather app for the androids. Download it.

MORECAST app MORECAST best android app

#9 AVG Antivirus

This app increases the performance of your device by cleaning up all your viruses, junk files and freeing up the RAM with a single tap avoiding the multiple taps. The app comes with advanced features such as battery saver and virus protection. All these features of this app make it a multitasking app that increases the performance of the device. Download AVG Antivirus

avg antivirus


This app was considered to be the best app for watching movies and TV shows. Some of the TV and the movies available in this app are the paid one but some we can enjoy freely sitting along with our friends or family members. Download Netflix app now. Also check free netflix account and password.

NETFLIX app NETFLIX best android app

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