How Different Marketing Strategies Can Help or Destroy Your Brand?

In this world of evolving trends and developing technology, you will find marketers trying out different ways to get a new customer; the marketing campaigns may range from quirky to downright weird. Sometimes, they hit the nail on its head and sometimes it might backfire to hurt the brand. Here are some of the strategies that have been or can be used to market a brand.

Marketing Strategies Can Help or Destroy Your Brand

Top 4 Marketing Strategies Can Help or Destroy Your Brand

1. Pushy marketing tactics

If you receive a daily email from a company you used a product or service, the importance of that email will keep on degrading and so will your brand’s reputation. New marketers send out daily emails to their existing and potential customers in hope of keeping them in touch or just reminding them of their services in hope of returning sales. Nobody likes a daily mail saying the same thing every day, it will only result in the person blocking your email address and eventually your promotional emails will be considered as spam. Do not send out content if you do not have something of importance to communicate to the customer base.

2. Stand with social causes

Supporting social causes is a great way for corporates to connect with customers who have the same stance on social issues. The issues may range from many and the company needs to identify the type of customers it has. Airbnb created an ad when President Trump announced to close its borders to refuges, the ad depicted people of different nationalities under the tagline “we accept”. Nike created a controversy when it supported Colin Kaepernick taking a knee during the USA national anthem to protest against police brutalities; this was a contentious subject and Nike received a lot of flak for this even after the overwhelming support they received for taking such a stand. You need to make sure who your customers are and what they value so you can create strategies to connect with them.

3. Get to your real target

I know startups have a real tight budget when it comes to expanding their operations but they have to be smart and use their resources really well to get off to a good start. A company must know the target market for their product or service, and for that they need to have a real lot of information regarding what the demographics, income, and customer requirements before setting off to push their marketing strategy. It may be that the company’s products or services will be valued and bought by older-aged consumers than the young age groups they are targeting. Essaywriter4u realized a real flaw in their marketing strategy when they spent most of their resources targeting students based in USA but they soon realized that most of their customer base was international students who needed help with it, they soon got their mistake right and gained customers. When you have found a gap to fill with your service, you need to know through research and survey if what you are targeting would really value the product or service you are offering.

4. Focus on working and delivering better service

Audi produced a live event where artists told their tales of hardships and overcoming them in a session of 6 hours. This resulted in negative feedback and the viewers started getting disengaged because they thought the event would be about the cars while it was solely based on stories of people behind the wheel. You have to make the campaigns in line with the product or service you are delivering and not get carried away. The customer bought something from you because he/she wanted it and views your company as a service provider of that thing alone; you should be sure that the way you are promoting your brand is in line with that.

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