Procedure to Use Email Checker

This is specially designed for the email users that want to check about the email that this is real or fake. We are designed to free software for you the checker. Here you can check your email; you can verify your email by SMTP. Our 1st priority is to provide free verification software that secured you from different sites.

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email checker
email checker

Easy to use

By the checker, you know very easily that your email is used by some other person or using by yourself. You feel secure by using our designed free software. You don’t need to write such an application for that purpose or we don’t need too much information to you. We always try to keep your personal information secure from others.

Procedure to use email verification server

You just need to type your email address to the given block. You can see a blank block is mentioned to write your email address here. When you write your email address so always remember that write the exact spelling of your email address. Don’t miss any single point like any digit any sign.

Avoid mistakes

If you don’t write the accurate email so the server will show the fake email. It means your email is maybe used by others or it’s a fake domain email. So that is why to write the correct spelling of email address always. This thing is very important.

Email for marketers

Now, this is the time of online working and most of the people work online. So for that purpose, you have an email address. The all market dealing is done by email. We admit that the mobile phone is also playing a very important part of the business but many things are not loaded on the phone. Or sometimes you haven’t much space on your phone so for that you need email.

How’s Email Checker Software Work?

We give you the best email checker service and once you use it we are sure that you never deny that we are the best. When you write the email address then click the button ok so your email addresses MX record go and connect with the mail server (SMTP).

A verification email is also received from the mail server it means that the email is used by the same address and user. This verified that your email is hacked to someone or also no other person able to open your email service.

Free to use

You can check at least 4 to 5 email by the email checker. If you want to verify more emails so you need to pay for that. But yes you can check4 to 5 emails free within 24 hours. On the next day, you again check the same amount email by our software.

Excellent result

We always tried to give you all the facilities from us. We tried to provide you best email verification service and yes we are the best who verify the email professionally. Our all clients who check the email verification are always satisfied with our services.

We make sure you that we give you 99 % accuracy and this is our guarantee. You can try the email verification from our site.

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