Electronic Logging Devices – All You Need to Know About ELD Solutions

As of now, trucks are subjected to a mandatory requirement to install ELD solutions. Thus, e-logs have become essential for fleet companies. Those who had already complied might be many steps further as the solution offers a lot more than just compliance.

But those who just added the feature as compliance need to learn and understand more about Electronic Logging Device solutions so that they can exploit all of its potentials. These devices are meant to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and increase productivity. Furthermore, drivers stay motivated because there is fairness and transparency in operations.

ELD solutions have a couple of sections: tracking hours of service (HOS), reporting platforms, and monitoring apps, among many others. Fleet managers, drivers, and HR should have access to the app because they are directly involved in its operations.

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Electronic Logging Devices

How ELDs Work

All ELD devices are hard-wired into the trucks or other vehicles where they are used. They work seamlessly with the engine to track the vehicle’s movement, making fleet management a lot easier. It will track all of the driving activities of the day by keeping logs that calculate the HOS and the driver’s behavior like engine starts, stops, idling, and even the speed.

ELDs involve both software and hardware parts. We have already mentioned the device that is installed in the commercial motor vehicle (CMV). Other hardware that is useful is a monitoring mobile device like a phone, tablet, or computer used by drivers, managers, and even owners.

The monitoring device uses software that synchronizes with the ELD software in the vehicle for communication. With this, the communication becomes real-time when there is a consistent flow of the internet, which makes communication online easy. However, the data can be retrieved later if the trucks are offline during this operation. There is typically a console for offline connection.

Choosing the Best ELD Solutions

ELD solutions are provided by professionals according to Eyeride. They also install and make sure that it is working perfectly. But before you settle on such an expert, it is crucial that you know the type of ELD solution you would like to have.

  • Durable hardware – CMVs are always on the road and frequently exposed to harsh conditions. Thus, their mechanical parts need to be prepared for this, and so do all aftermarket devices that are added to them. Thus, the ELD device should have a strong build with high-quality connection wires. It also needs to have strong anchors to hold into position without getting loose.
  • Updatable software – As we all know, technology gets obsolete very fast. That is why you need an ELD solution with software that has regular updates with added features. The provider should assure this but it is also recommended that you find out more information about them from previous customers by visiting online platforms. Don’t miss to check Free Driver Updater Software for Windows 10.
  • Useful features – Most ELD solutions come with the feature of tracking HOS and driving behavior. However, getting one that offers a lot more is a great thing. The driver vehicle inspection report is an excellent indicator of whether you need to retrain the drivers or not. Some devices also include vehicle diagnostic tips as a bonus, and these come in handy for drivers while they are driving.

Competitive Advantage of Using ELD Devices

Although it is now a compliance issue and not an option, the benefits will still be felt. The biggest among them is tracking hours of service in a fair and transparent way. Rogue drivers can never claim what they have not worked for while cunning fleet owners can never dupe hardworking drivers. Everything is recorded and all parties can access these records. This is noted to increase productivity since every party works hard.

Another benefit is the ability to monitor the driver’s behavior. If it is not consistent with the SOPs that are set by the company, retraining and disciplinary action might follow. When the company takes full advantage of the ELD, the benefits will be more than this.


ELD devices are now mandatory for all fleet companies that operate CMVs. Consequently, there is a big supply of these solutions and some rogue suppliers might be conning unsuspecting customers. Thus, you should be very cautious when engaging any of these experts. Consider the insights that we have shared here as they will help to get the best ELD solution and enjoy all of the benefits that come with it.