Common App Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Apps are everywhere. This leads many to think they are easy to create and perhaps worse that they are always a huge success. Well, the stats are in folks and less .01% are making it. The main reason is the lack of originality, low to no customization, and complicated or non-intuitive UI. In this piece, I have plotted down a list of mistakes to avoid when developing your app, so you can avoid the failure rate.

Without further adieu, let’s dive in.

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Common App Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

#1: Your App is NOT a Mini-Website

One of the biggest mistakes new app creators make is not thinking about the customer UX and UI. Having a successful website does not mean you can duplicate it in miniature for your app. You have less than 4 seconds to capture your audience attention when they arrive at your app or they will bounce away.

The magic word here is SIMPLIFY. When you try to add all the colours, brand imaging, and functions as your site into a mobile app, your user will feel overwhelmed and not know or want to navigate.

Instead, choose:

  • Pick monochromatic colours
  • Use a simple font like serif
  • Condense features
  • Read and change your app based on reviews
  • Be prepared for updates

#2: Size Matters

A critical error that many app developers make is failing to pay attention to the size of their app. In fact, if your app takes up too much space chances are it won’t be downloaded or will be deleted soon after download. A few simple things you can do to keep your app size at a minimum is to first, analyze your app size.

Next, find areas you can optimize and compress all PNG and JPEG files. Review where you are using most of your resources and reduce what you can. All of these steps and more will help you take up less space making you much more attractive to your users.

#3: Cross Platform App Development

These days just focusing on one market is not enough to ensure your app gets on the map. Creating an app that can be used across the major platforms of Apple and Android will save you time, money, and deliver to the unique needs of each.

Companies like NovaFlip are experts at Cross Platform App Development. Here are just a few of the benefits you can look forward to is Cross Platform App Development.

    1. Consistent branding across multiple interfaces
    2. Fast and streamlined functionality saves money
    3. Lower risk
    4. Less expensive to create a cross-platform app
    5. Take advantage of both benefits from Apple and Android

Let’s take a closer look at this last benefit. While it is true that Apple users download vastly more apps, Android has been shown time and time again to utilize their apps and engage with them much more. BY creating a Cross-Platform model you get the best of both worlds.


Avoid these mistakes to ensure your app has a fighting chance. Focusing on simple, UI-friendly and intuitive design that is not just a small version of your desktop is a must. Editing as much as possible so your app is not over-sized and creating a cross-platform app will help you take advantage of multiple markets and users.

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